Is a “Posse” Mountin’-Up, Going After RGIII?

By Desi Cortez BASN Columnist
Updated: October 6, 2012

DENVER, CO. (BASN)–Here we go ladies n’ gentlemen, the posse is “mounting-up,” individuals who call themselves sports journalists and broadcasters, implying some form of professionalism and neutrality . . . are today – as you read this, commencing-with what can only be termed a “witch hunt,” an “never ending quest” to reveal to the sports-world that Robert Griffin III, like Tiger Woods, OJ Simpson, or as the Republican TEA Party sees our President – as Niggers. Despite their “Officer n’ Gentlemen” persona andEagle Scout charm . . . the White court of Public Opinion is not fooled – they wholeheartedly believe you can take the “coon” out of the woods, but you can’t take the “hood” out of most Black folks; we all are virtually void of morals, values, high-standards and most notably, character.


Except for Clarence Thomas n’ Herman Cain, they’regood Black folks, just those two. Men like Obama and Griffin are regarded as little more than well-spoken Niggers. What goes without saying, RGIII is a kid who’s been portrayed as near-perfect, Tim Tebow minus the religious fever and extremism, nevertheless what ought be said; Griffin is like all folks whose feet are made of clay – able, capable of doing wrong right along with doing good. Apparently a former Baylor basketball player, Richard Hurd, was arraigned in Waco, Texas, on federal extortion charges for allegedly threatening to release “derogatory information” about Griffin unless the Heisman Trophy winner paid him a “substantial sum” of money.


Hurd was threatening to publicize derogatory information about RGIII. Hurd met at a Waco business Friday with someone who agreed to handle the transaction. After signing a non-disclosure agreement, handing over the information and receiving a check, Hurd was arrested by an undercover FBI agent. Hurd believed he had “the goods” on the kid; so much so he presented whatever he had, documents/photos whatever to an camouflaged G-Man and accepted the thousands of dead presidents it garnered. Because of who and what Griffin is, a “bronzed” Golden Boy, there are those who believe his rise to the top must be slowed, hindered if possible. This extremely gifted Mandingo Buck must be derailed, turned-around, shown to be and proven-to-be nothing more then an . . . Nigger. “Not perfect” and therefore not worthy of the accolades being showered upon him. It’s no secret Black men, have for decades been regarded “too-dumb” to play certain positions in major sports; Quarterback, Point Guard, Pitcher go down the list, but as insidious is the notion Black people lack morals/values/ethics, i.e., character. It’s the entire 3-ring-circus/bible thumpin’ revival that has invaded the conversation, the notion which suggest Tebow is the only guy, in a league predominated and dominated by Blacks who you’d want to marry your sister. I’d submit that has much more to do with skin color then character.


I’m sure RGIII is nicked n’ flawed, as is all the God’s creatures, so I think he curses, makes off-brand comments occasionally, may have had a drink, smoked a joint, he may even have cheated on a test . . . now I doubt it, but I know it’s possible. Now if he has, I won’t think less of him, because I understand people are collections of contradiction; we do good, we do bad. A fireman may save a woman from a burning house, then go home to his wife and damn-near beat her to-death for breathing too-hard . . . A teacher may educate kids during the day, and beat her own kids at night . . . . If Joe Paterno could turn a deaf-ear n’ blind-eye to the horrific deeds of Jerry Sandusky, as well as Penn State administrators and officials . . . and he’s still held in high esteem.


If George Bush could go AWOL, if former Vice President Dick Cheney could hide behind half-a-dozen Viet Nam draft deferments, and if Mitt Romney, the Republican TEA Party Nominee for the highest office in all the land also ran-out, abandoned his country in a time of war fled to France under the cover of his, and I use this world with trepidation . . . religion, well then gee, golly I guess a young kid can cross the line, and still be a good kid, one you’d like to have your daughter marry. But that won’t be the case with Griffin. Whatever it is this kid did, it will be found-out. Why? Because like Mike Vick, Cam Newton, US Attorney Eric Holder or President Obama . . . the Black man must be placed back in his inferior, subordinate position. And god forbid it’s a self-inflicted wound, the despisers won’t be able to control themselves. If nothing else -there’s some effort made by a large slice of White America to reveal their real belief; Blacks are, inherently, by-nature dishonorable in virtually all our deeds and thoughts, so-much-more-so than other races . . . and if that can be exposed – then it justifies the racial hatred embedded in much of White America..


You can call it a conspiracy and me a conspirator. Or you can merely call it US History and me a realist. But it’s not simply history I’m relying on – it’s the analization of current nation-wide climate; I’ve pulled my head out of my behind and took a long look, made an assessment of the land I live-in and without doubt nor hesitation it’s clear the Melting Pot is boiling- over, and elements which ignited the flames; racial integration, racial diversity and racial inclusion. Yes, we reached this point when the folks eating the Yankee Stew were appalled the folks Mom’s Diner decided they wanted a Black Chef to buy the groceries, cook the food and stir the pot. Black man running a White country,and how dare you see it any-other way, or a Black man running the Washington Redskins . . . that stark reality lights a blue flame under the overweight rumps of guys like Rush Limbaugh (friend of many-a NFL Plantation owner) and the angry White guys who empathize and sympathize with the Redneck mindset ” which is screaming “we want our culture back.”

Even if Robert Griffin redefines the NFL Field General slot, if it can be shown he’s strayed-off the straight n’ narrow path, perhaps got his hands dirty, even at age 19, then he can be brought-down, back-to-earth, be shown to be “imperfect,” then perhaps the endorsements will cease, the admiration, the idolatry little boys have with him will cease, switch to the appropriate Great White Hope role model – little lord Andy Luck. Their segregationist hopes; hopefully highly educated White women like the one Griffin is engaged to, or ladies like Kim Kardashian, who may have her sights set on RGIII, won’t be so engaged with Black men. Sorry it doesn’t look too good for business when you’ve got even gold-diggin/Negro luvin’ White tramps running around admiring and lusting-after Black men. . . .it threatens White men’s manhood, it toys with their fragile feelings of superiority and tugs on their loosely fitting Superman capes.


I know, I know, I know – I’m not supposed to go there, to reference the everyday average White guy’s abhorrence of Black alpha male’s popularity, sexuality, manhood – our dominance in so many avenues – but to counteract our, let us say success – there’s no mistake Black men are met at every entrance to society by a White power-structure which would rather not accept them, and the prime motivation is racism, racism partially rooted in jealousy and envy and the fear that the little red-haired girl next-door is in luv/lust with LaJevon Jackson, the varsity QB who lives across the street and not Sean McElroy who’s captain of the Extreme Kite Flying team . . . . Hey, you know I’m not making this stuff up! However, let it be known the dogs have been released, the “Wanted . . .Dead or alive” posters are being tacked-up across the wild, wild world-wide web, in-hope, that like with Obama -someone can show a 2nd grade exam was failed by a young RGIII, a apple was stolen from a neighbor’s tree – anything which will defame a uppity, arrogant Black boy who just does not know his place.