Don’t Hate The Players, Love The Record (Patriots 4-3 In A Wild AFC East)

Updated: October 22, 2012

BOSTON, MA. (BASN)—The New England Patriots were a surprising 3-3 in the AFC East which comes shocking to any New England fan because, this season has already been a roller coaster ride and its only six games in. The Patriots in my opinion should be 5-1 right now but because, of a missed field goal against the Cardinals and a crazy field goal that was called good by the replacement referees they stand at a 3-3 record. With that being said the Patriots have shown a lot of promise this year in their balanced style offense which is very impressive because, their offense is ranked 1 in the NFL and their actually rushing the football very effectively and the credit has to go to Ridley,Bolden, and Woodhead. Those three players have given the Patriots passing game a big rest this season and the running attack has caught defenses off guard especially with the play action pass because, they don’t know when it’s coming or not. The Patriots also losing Hernandez to that injury in week one has also altered their double tight end attack but, Daniel Fells has come right in and made some decent plays to help out the Patriots especially with his impressive diving catch Sunday against the Seahawks that Tom Brady over threw. The Patriots motto has always been whoever we lose we will have someone else step up and deliver no matter the situation but, for once in Bill Belicheck’s stint as the Patriots coach I believe he was wrong. Everyone had saw how Wes Welker was barely seeing snaps in the beginning of the season and Julian Edleman was on the field for a huge amount of time but, as soon as Edleman went down Bill turned to Wes Welker who has exploded this year and is playing better than he has in my opinion. Welker is second in the NFL in receptions with 48 and is second in the NFL with receiving yards with 622 and is 6 yards behind AJ Green.

Tom Brady has shown in many seasons that he can hit any target that is open but his secondary weapon Rob Gronkowski has been on a steady path with almost identical stats to last year through 6 games. Last year Gronkowski had 29 catches for 401 yards and 5TDs this season he has 29 catches for 356 but with only 3 TDs and a lot of his TD looks have been diminished because, of the lethal running game we have now and the depth that the Patriots have at the receiver position. Tom Brady is leading the NFL in passing yards with 1845 and is on a good pace to getting close to another 5,000 yard passing season. The one thing about Tom is that he is a competitor and he doesn’t take losing lightly and I’m sure after Mr.Sherman posted the pic “U Mad Bro” on the internet that’s going to only get Brady more ready and focused to dissect the Jets defense this Sunday.
The Patriots are heading home to face the Jets in a division where everyone is 3-3 which is scary because, for the Patriots that means that every division game is a must win especially with their bye week coming up. In order for the Patriots to beat the Jets this week the whole team will have to be on one accord meaning the balanced offense that has taken the NFL by surprise and going to have to come back this week very strong after that one point lose to the Seahawks. For the Patriots to be victorious this week they will have to have at least one rusher that goes over the century mark and a strong outing by their defense because, the secondary needs to improve after last weeks game and they need to improve quick. The Patriots are the type of team that bounces back after a lose and always takes it out on the opponent for the next following week and I see that happening again with the Jets. The Patriots will have the Jets number on the passing game because, Brady doesn’t have to worry about Revis Island this season in their two meetings which means he can air it out knowing that the best corner in the game is out for the year. With that being said the Patriots and Belicheck will have a good game plan and will make sure that Sanchez and Tebow if he gets snaps will have a bad day on the field stat wise.
With every team in the division at 3-3 the next few weeks will tell you which team is for real and which team is not and the Patriots are a high class organization that doesn’t take losing lightly and the last time they weren’t in the playoffs as I can remember Tom Brady was out for the season with an injury and we had Cassel at QB so that just tells you how much we dominate this division and the Patriots will continue to dominate as this season goes along.
Prediction – Patriots 17 Jets 7

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