You Gotta Lotta ‘Splainin To Do pt.12

By Eric D.Graham
Updated: October 3, 2012


1. Franco Harris needs to explain why he brought a cardboard cutout of Joe Paterno to the Penn State-Ohio game.

2. Somebody needs to expand how a 20-years old man from Tennessee plunged 35 feet from the upper level of the Georgia Dome during the Tennessee and NC State football game?

3. Dallas Cowboy WR Dez Bryant needs to explain why he has to have bodyguards and babysitters. Who does he think he is…Pac-Man Jones?(You Gotta LottaSplainin To Do)

4. UFC Middleweight champion Anderson “Spider” Silva needs to explain why everybody thought he was gay when he was younger.(You Gotta LottaSplainin To Do)

5. Metta World Peace needs to explain why he was dressed up as a doctor at a club, when he knows he needs to take his meds.

6. Tim Tebow needs to explain why he still can’t throw the DAMN football.(You Gotta LottaSplainin To Do)

7. Evelyn Lozada needs to explain why she wasn’t cursing on Nightline like she does on Basketball Wives.

8. Bill Ford Jr. of the Detroit Lions needs to explain why he predicted that the Lions would win the Super Bowl this season.

9. Baltimore Ravens’ Ray Rice needs to explain how he is going to rush for 1,000 yards and receive for 1,000 yards this year with Joe Flacco as his quarterback. This is not Madden.

10. The Washington Redskins need to explain why they cut tight end Chris Cooley.(You Gotta LottaSplainin To Do)