Welcome to the Endzone: The Spooky sports edition

Updated: October 31, 2012

NORTH CAROLINA (BASN)—Since rapper Ludacris is dressing up as the New Orleans Hornets’ Anthony Davis for Halloween. Here are a few other Halloween costume ideas for other athletes and public figures.

Ludacris is dressing up as the New Orleans Hornet Anthony Davis

1. Newly acquired Los Angeles Lakers center Dwight Howard should dress up as Shaquielle O’Neal since he secretly wants to be him.

2. President Obama should dress up as George W.Bush since his foreign policy is identical to the former president’s.

3. Mitt Romney should go as Mitt Romney, since he hasn’t decided which Mitt Romney he is going to be: the moderate, the conservative, or the progressive.

4. NFL Replacement Referees should go as Foot Locker employees. Besides, they wouldn’t even have to change clothes.

5. NY Knicks superfan Spike Lee should go as a Brooklyn Nets fan. Besides, he represents Brooklyn in all of his movies.

6. Former heavyweight champion Michael Tyson should go as actor Charlie Sheen, since he is as crazy as him.

7. Sixers center Andrew Bynum should go as boxing promoter Don King. Have you seen his hair lately?

8. T.O. should go as Braylon Edwards then he can play for the Seattle Seahawks.

9. Newly acquired Houston Rockets James Harden should go as rapper Rick Ross. Besides, he already has the big, black beard. “These Haters Can’t Hold Me Back….”

10. Ex-LSU Tyrann Mathieu should go as the cartoon character Pepe la Pue. Besides, the Honey Badger  has really been stinking it up lately. One bad decision can cost you the Heisman. Two bad decisions, could cost you a chance to play in the NFL

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