Black Jesus helps Washington defeat Vikings 38 to 26

Updated: October 19, 2012

Now we realize why this kid won the Heisman Trophy

NORTH CAROLINA (BASN)-–Last week, Washington’s quarterback Robert Griffin III suffered a brutal blow to the helmet against the Atlanta Falcons, which left him motionless on the ground with a serious concussion.

With reports of memory loss, many felt he should have sat out Sunday’s game against the Minnesota Vikings in order to fully recover from the vicious hit by Falcons’ linebacker Sean Weatherspoon.

But miraculously, it seemed, as if, he had resurrected himself from a shallow grave in order to become a Christ-like figure with his memorable 182 yard passing  and 138 rushing performance, which included an electrifying 76 yard touchdown run that sealed Washington’s 38 to 26 victory over the Vikings.

Griffin III’s 76 yard sprint to the end zone in the fourth quarter, which was the longest run for a QB since Kordell Stewart’s 80 yard TD in 1996 against the Charlotte Panthers, in fact, caused his team mate Fred Davis to call him Black Jesus.

“You really can’t say much more,” Davis told CSN Washington via DC Sports Blog.

I mean, like I said, he’s Black Jesus right now. He saved us today. He’s a great player. He makes plays. And he did what he had to do on that third down. We’ve been talking about him protecting himself a lot more, but he seen an opening and made a play. And what can you say? I mean, he’s a great player.”

While many people rejected Davis calling or even comparing RG3 to Black Jesus, the former Heisman Trophy winner has impressively completed 70% of his passes, while only throwing two interception in his first six games as a rookie in the NFL.

But despite being a dual threat, where he has utilizes his arm strength as well as his swift feet, Washington is still only 3 and 3.

“He ain’t walking on no water just yet…”said Skip Bayless of FirstTake on ESPN.

And even though team mate Fred Davis thinks he is a miracle worker, RG3 is going to have to perform even more miracles this week against the (3-2) NY Giants’ defense, who recorded six QB sacks in their 26 to 3 win against the 49ers on Sunday.

While being called Black Jesus, Griffin is more like a young Mike Vick, who once had the  ability to scramble out of the pocket for large chunks of yards.

But, just like Vick, RG3 must learn how to slide and get out of bounds before getting hit by opposing defenses in order to play a full season in the NFL.

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