Bikini Basketball League bouncing to a city near you

Updated: October 27, 2012

NORTH CAROLINA (BASN)—With the 2012 WNBA Finals tipping off on Sunday between the Indiana Fever and the Minnesota Lynx, somebody went and did some ridiculous.

If you haven’t heard, they created the Bikini Basketball League .

I am not making this up?

Just what we needed.

There is now an official Bikini Basketball League with seven teams named the Chicago Desire, the Orlando Lady Cats, the Miami Spice, the Los Angeles Ice, the Hollywood Hotties and the Atlanta Fleet Angels.

With tryouts already taken place in these selected cities and a logo with two basketball posing as breast in a bikini, with the slogan “Excellence or Bust, this league surely will set the advancement of female athletics back at least 100 years.

“This is a competitive basketball league, so we are definitely looking for girls that can really play,” Miami Spice representatives told the Miami New Times.

“It is also a bikini league in which the girls will be playing basketball in bikinis, so looking good in a bikini is a must.”

While this league has been designed to exploit women by dressing them in tiny bikini and booty shorts, they still plan to compete with head-to head with the WNBA in the summer of 2013.

While strippers bouncing balls seems like fun, I know the Hall of Fame women’s basketball coach North Carolina State Kay Yow, who won more than 700 games while earning fans respect with her decades-long fight against breast cancer is shaking her head in disappointment and disgust.

But I guess, I will have to see it, to condemn it.

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