Sanchez and Tebow

By Eric D. Graham BASN columnist
Updated: September 9, 2012

Half a quarterback seems to be better than none

Half a quarterback seems to be better than none

NORTH CAROLINA (BASN)—There is an old saying, which says, “If you have two quarterbacks, you have none.”

With that said, two-twisted tales about two different quarterback fighting for one position dominated the back pages of the New York tabloids during the Jets’ one touchdown preseason, which was led by third string QB Greg McElory.

The missing link...

The missing link...

One quarterback has a big heart, and a terrible arm. The other, has a good arm but an ego that is useless as toilet paper when it gets wet.

Despite all of that, I think it is safe to say the New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan has put the football back in the hands of Mark Sanchez instead of Tim Tebow.

Even though Sanchez is the starting quarterback, however, Tebow’s fingerprints are all over the football.

Unfortunately, his passes are still inaccurate. Plus, his footwork in the pocket is high schoolish at best.

As a result, after watching Tebow’s under center during the preseason, ex-Jets quarterback Boomer Esiason has already concluded that the former Broncos’ quarterback will be reduced to playing special teams for the NY Jets during the upcoming 2012 NFL season.

“I don’t believe Tebow can be your everyday backup quarterback,” said Esiason.

“Sanchez is clearly your starter, and (Greg) McElroy will be the backup. Tebow can do his thing playing on special teams.”

While Esiason words seemed rather harsh, see-ing Tebow play quarterback for the Jets during the preseason was truthfully painful to watch at time.

Esiason said that “ex-quarterbacks and coaches can see his inability to throw the ball forward on a consistent basis” even though offensive coordinator Tony Sparano, who is the father of the NFL’s modern Wildcat offense, a spinoff of the old single-wing formation, has been very vanilla in his play calling during the preseason.

Despite Esiason’s assessment on Tebow’s quarterback skills, he isn’t going anywhere.

Plus, I bet we’ll see him again sometime soon in the regular season, especially if Mark Sanchez can’t get the ball in the end zone.