Rodriguez and Darchinyan win!

Updated: September 30, 2012
IOWA CITY, IOWA, (BASN)The first bout of HBO boxing after dark featuring the undefeated welterweight prospect Alex Perez, against the once defeated Canadian Antonin Decarie, who had only seven knockouts to go with his 26 victories. Decarie started by moving inside and landed occasional right over the first six minutes as one of those rights sent Perez staggering back to the rope. HBO Roy Jones observed that Perez went straight back and this allowed one of those Decarie’s right to nail him.
Through the third and fourth round, Decarie continued his assault until forty-five seconds left in the fourth round as Perez nailed Decarie with a straight left that stun Decarie but over the last thirty seconds, Decarie continued his attack as he managed to land two solid rights.
Halfway through the fight, Decarie looked in control as he was able to through and connect with his right hand and the only thing keeping Perez alive was Decarie’s lack of power. Perez ran into a Decarie’s right and Decarie followed with a left hook that sent Perez’s down. Perez got up but his legs were wobbly. Decarie followed Perez and a second right turn Perez head around 180 degrees. Perez eyes looked glassy and the referee realized that one more serious attack could hurt the defenseless Perez.
Decarie used his experience and right hand to easily win the fight as he outpunched Perez by a two to one margin; most of those punches were power shots. That is a strategy for winning.
The veteran Vic Darchinyan has fought the best in every weight division from 112 pounds to 122 pounds and now he was in a crossroad fight as fans wanted to know; what does he have left? Luis Orlando Del Valle found himself in his first big statement fight as he put his undefeated record on the line against an elite fighter.
Darchinyan philosophy is to attack, attack and while he told HBO staff before the fight that he would box before going for the knock out, often Darchinyan instinct take hold. Darchinyan jabbed his way and landed some solid shots and Del Valle right hand did little in the first round but as a former southpaw, could Del Valle unleashed the left hook? Near the end of the second round, Del Valle connected with a right hand and left hook, leading to a barrage of punches landed by both fighters. Darchinyan instinct kicked in.
Going into the fourth round, blood started to flow from De Valle nose and he choose to fight inside and instead of using boxing skills. Over the last minute Darchinyan nailed Del Valle with solid lefts but Del Valle took Darchinyan best but it was not winning the fight.
At the beginning of the fifth round, Del Valle landed a solid right-left combination that forced a quick retreat from Darchinyan. Darchinyan used all of wiles and kept turning this fight into a brawl with some rough tactics thrown in. Those tactics resulted in some solid left straight shots over the last minute of the round. Darchinyan continued to pound Del Valle and for the first time in the fight, Del Valle failed to fight back effectively.
With a minute left in the seventh round, Del Valle stunned Darchinyan with a right hand but Darchinyan countered with several left hands of his own. For the first seven rounds, Darchinyan had an answer for every Del Valle offensive outburst. After the eighth round, Del Valle’s corner asked their fighter, do you want to quit and he said no.
Del Valle answered all of those critics including some HBO announcers who were wondering, why didn’t Del Valle’s corner end the fight when he staggered Darchinyan in the ninth round and for the first time, Darchinyan looked to hold on. Darchinyan came out in the tenth throwing solid bombs as he landed four or five big left hands but Del Valle refuse to buckle under the pressure.
Darchinyan was too experienced as he went to the body which set up those wicked left hands while Del Valle showed he was tough but being tough is not enough as he simply did not move enough to avoid getting nailed and he didn’t go to the body enough.
The main event featured Edwin Rodriguez and Jason Escalera in a battle of undefeated Super Middleweights. For Rodriguez, a win could land him a big fight with one of the Super Middleweight elites. Rodriquez started with body shots that caused Escalera winced. Rodriquez used Escalera as personal punching bag as he pounded Escalera from one side of the ring to another. One of those rights staggered Escalera with forty seconds as he went into survival mode.
Escalera came out attempting to fight back but his punches did little to affect Rodriguez who simply continued to dominate the second round, even though not the extent of the first round. Escalera made more of a fight of it in the third round as he hit Rodriguez to the body.
Rodriquez connected on several solid combinations in the fourth round and accidental low blow by Rodriquez allowed Escalera a few minutes rest as he took a couple of minutes rest. Escalera lost his mouth piece in the fourth round as he did in previous rounds and the referee gave his corner a warning that the next time a mouth piece goes missing, so will a point.
In the fifth round, Rodriguez hurt Escalera but he allowed his opponent off the    Eric Raskin. Jason Escalera, (photo credit) hook as he failed to jump on Escalera to finish him off. Escalera showed guts as he took Rodriguez best but those punches continuously knocked Escalera mouth piece out and in the beginning of the eighth round, a Rodriguez left hand on the side of the temple open up a cut on Escalera right ear. The referee stopped the fight as blood spurted from the ear.
Jason Escalera was not in Rodriguez league but he showed heart to survive the onslaught for eight rounds. As for Rodriguez, there were times that he put on the gas to end the fight but there were times that he seemed satisfied to allow Escalera to stay in the fight. For Rodriguez, he is now ready for the elite.

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