RGIII . . . The Inconvenient Truth . . . .

By Desi Cortez BASN Columnist
Updated: September 10, 2012

Here we grow again.

Here we grow again.

DENVER, CO, (BASN)The inconvenient truth of-the-matter, RGIII defied the all-so predictable low-expectations the sports pundits, experts and guru’s predicted for his opening-day performance by going 19 of 26 passing, for 320 yards, 40 strategic, tactical yards rushing, two touchdowns and no interceptions.

Just as, just as I say Cam Newton did last year, except RGIII is undefeated after week one. Two different cats, different life stories – one even a military brat, but nonetheless very, very few “exsperts” expected these two men over the last two years to “light it up” the way the have.


Why is the press corp composed of those with “little faith . . .?” I truly treasure these monumental. moments in the annals of football-lore, and US race relations when the guys who claim to be pigskin aficionados, and their highly-predictable calculations turn-out to be wrong, dead wrong. That’s when you witness them eat their words, eat crow. Black crow at that. . . . As I understand it, the gridiron company-line, Oliver Luck’s boy Andrew was the “real deal,” “pro-ready” and his “IQ” was so-astronomical – he’d merely “outsmart” the defense . . . not- to-mention the highly touted Brandon Weeden -12 of 35 passes, for 118 yards and four interceptions. and Ryan Tannehill, 20 of 36 for 219 yards, but he threw three interceptions. between the two they threw 7 interceptions. Russell Wilson up-in Seattle took his team to the brink-of-victory, 18 of 34 for 153 yards, one interception and one touchdown, only to fail in the end, but Wilson performed much better than the more acclaimed Great White Hopes in Miami and Cleveland, yet he was still placed in the back of the class, not expected to have the brass to play well in an legit NFL contest. Another case of low-expectations . . . I’m seeing this whole transition of “permitting the Black guy to play the pro QB position” – our society’s ultimate Alpha-Male occupation where brain n’ brawn is mandated . . . this is going to be a wang-dang doodle of an backyard brawl over the right to be Superman, kinda like the other Alpha-Male spot is proving to be . . . Commander-in-Chief of the United States Of America. . . . Griffin was “as cool as a toilet seat in the Montana morning;” unflappable, poised . . . akin to a young surgeon at-work. 19 of 26 passing, for 320 yards, two touchdowns and no interceptions Now you’re not going to hear too-many talking heads and wordsmiths package RGIII’s debut in such a manner, for a number of reasons, and I think we know what most of them are, so it can be capsulized under the guise of . . . any analysis of “Black folks don’t embody the mental nor emotional tools required to prosper at certain endeavors and occupations. Our “butts” are too big for us to swim, so “Acqua-Man” is beyond our reach, and our brains are too small for us to think, lead, dissect and decapitate NFL defenses . . . . Oddly Griffin is teamed with a coach who’s a personal buddy of George Bush, who by most accounts . . . doesn’t like Black people. But mutual gridiron goals make for strange bedfellows. Griffin has the tools and skills to, yes, redefine the position to another level, as does Newton and Josh Freeman, Vick and even VY have the ability to transform a stationary stature like hi-profile glamore position into yet another slot White guys will struggle to compete at or ever dominate the way they did when the game was segregated, i.e. rigged. That’s a changing-of-guard the pigskin status-quo, the old guard cannot stomach, akin to the same discomfort Obama causes this nations illegitimate establishment. I can’t be the only one who can listen to or watch ESPN or FOX Sports, read Yahoo.com and not clearly, easily hear the “reluctance” to “annoit” a guy like even RGIII, an officer n’ gentleman, yet somehow have a gut feeling young Mr. Luck was going to have the day RGIII achieved. Low expectations derived in-part from historical societal prejudices which mandate the doubt of Blacks in virtually all facets of life. Note; despite President Obama’s academic credentials, his occupational achievements – an Ivy league professor, his status as a happily married man with two beautiful daughter – all of it is dismissed as window dressing, affirmative action at work . . . and he’s reduced to a con-man and a swindler. Character-less characters within our society Whites expect Black to occupy. Belivable. Isn’t it odd, or when you ponder it actually not too-odd how we live in a nation where once the White majority openly advocated Blacks couldn’t read, write, manage any business, operate machinery, oversee workers and business operations. Yes, have this nation tell it, Black folks couldn’t be soldiers, boxers, doctors, astronauts, scientist or Quarterbacks. We weren’t comprised of the “Right stuff.” Robert Griffin III’s 2012 opening day performance forced millions of “these people” to reevaluate their meager and limited expectations of a Black man . . . don’t you just love it?