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Updated: September 25, 2012

IOWA CITY, IOWA — Jonathan Arellano faced Roman Morales in the first bout on Shobox in a battle of two prospects who has yet been beaten. Arellano began the opening rounds by jabbing as he appeared to a just slightly more quicker and Morales did not jab his way to put pressure on the slick boxing Arellano.

In the third round, an Arellano left hook sent Morales down for an eight count. In a round that Morales was throwing more punches and possibly winning, the Arellano left hook won him the round. Morales came back in the fourth round with solid combinations including body shot and solid right hands. Through the halfway mark the fight, Morales had connected on more than double the punches but the third round knockdown changed the complexion of the fight.

Throughout the fifth and sixth round, Morales continued to attack and halfway through the sixth round, a Morales left hook to the body sent Arellano down. Over the last minute of the round, Morales continued his assault and the knockdown gave Morales a 10-8 round, which neutralized the 10-8 Arellano third round. For the rest of the fight, Morales took the fight to Arellano as Morales raked his opponent with combinations including upper cuts, left hooks and right hands.

The undefeated Jonathan Romero faced Efrain Esquivias in the second bout. The first round was exciting round as both men exchanged heavy blows. Esquivias moved inside against the taller Romero, who seemed content to give up his height. In the third round, Romero started to use lateral movement and his reach to nail Esquivias with solid right hands followed by left hands.

In the fifth round, Romero smacked Esquivias with body shots before he went upstairs with solid headshots and continue this into the sixth round. At the halfway point of the fight, Romero connected on three times as many punches and easily winning the fight in the ring.

Throughout the seventh round, Romero continued dominating the fight as he continued to outwork Esquivias as he punched his opponent with body shots and head shots, Esquivias best punch of the fight was a low blow after the bell and cost him a point.

Going into the final three rounds, Esquivias’ face showed the result of Romero punches as it started to swell and Romero pounding continued over the last three rounds. Romero maneuvered around the ring and punched his opponent at will. Romero connected on nearly half of punches and he connected on 3.5 punches for every punch Esquivias connected. Compubox numbers told the story as there was no doubt who was the winner and who was the dominant fighter.

Romero made strides in one of the most competitive division in boxing and Morales showed skill as he dominated over the final five rounds.

This was a night for prospects to make their next move

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