London Para Games 2012

By Gary Norris Gray BASN Staff Reporter
Updated: September 4, 2012

Gary Norris Gray BASN Staff Reporter

OAKLAND, C.A. (BASN)The Paralympics are in the second week with no-one paying attention. That’s a shame because these athletes spend just as much time practicing, yes, Allen Iverson, practicing as their Olympian counter-parts before them.



The National Broadcasting Company has once again pulled the plug on the world’s disabled athletes. If Americans want to see these outstanding events, they have to go online at NBC may have outsmarted themselves because the world has moved into the computer age and many will watch the games on line.



One of the main reasons NBC will not broadcast in 2012 could be because the National Anthem will not be played often enough to suit their viewers. The Americans are not standing on the podium enough for the producers and directors at NBC. American pride is wounded without Gold and Silver medal winners. What has happened to the Olympic spirit and world friendship? Guess NBC is also not interested in brotherhood.



NBC missed an historic event when Cyclist Craig Maclean from Great Britain became the second athlete to win medals in both the Para Games and the Olympic Games. Hungary’s fencer Pal Szekeres won bronze in the 1988 Seoul Games, then repeated the fete in the Para Games in Barcelona 1992 and in Beijing 2008.


Three weeks ago Oscar Pistorius qualified but did not run the 4X100 meter race.



At the end of the first weekend the United States received 40 metals 12 gold, 11 silver, and 17 bronze. The American team currently stands in 6th place. The biggest Red, White, and Blue upset, was the Women’s 4X100 relays. The U.S. won the silver medal.In 2008, the strong American team received 99 medals. The 2012 team is not as strong and it’s already revealing it’s weakness the first week.



The Chinese Mainland are running away with the medal count with 112, and 46 gold. The red and gold learned from the ’08 games in their Asian homeland. The People’s Republic of China support their disabled athletes and it is showing up on the medal stand in London, England. The Chinese dominated swimming the first week. Host, Great Britain comes in 2nd place with 63 medals and 19 gold, vastly improving on their 2008 showing with a week to go.



The Americans might catch up this week in the track and field events.


The African countries of Namibia with five athletes get silver and Kenya’s Samwel Kamani gets gold with South Africa leading the largest contingent of Athletes 65 and they have the most medals led by sprinter Oscar Pistorius and Swimmer Natalie Du Toit .



Pistorius put cold water on the games when he lost Sunday night to Gold medal winner Alan Oliverira. Then he blamed the weight difference of the Cheetahs (steel prosthetics legs) for the loss instead of congratulating Oliverira on a great victory for his country Brazil. Pistorius has four more races to gain a metal.



Hope sports fans get a chance to see these athletes with special talents perform on the field and in the gym. Go to and find the sport you enjoy.


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