The Journalistic Lynch-Mob Rides After Mike Vick and Cam Newton . . . .

Updated: September 25, 2012

According to Mr Webster: “Cynical” –  To be Cynical is to adopt an attitude of jaded negativity, and a general distrust of the integrity or professed motives of other people. Believing that people are motivated by self-interest; a distrustful of human sincerity or integrity.


My much, much better-half is a woman, a Black woman born n’ raised in Denver, born into a hard working, religious family, and she was taught to not prejudge people, to not prematurely weigh n’ measure anyone.

I’ve dubbed it the Disney Doctrine.

If you read me, it’s clear I’m a cynic, granted I see myself as merely “realistic” but I accept I’m the flip-side of my wife; my lifes journey forced me to judge a person by their actions and associations, not their mere words.

My personal adventure produced an highly cynical black cat, who believes half of what he sees, and absolutely nothing of what he hears . . . I understand that most people aren’t personally against me, but I realistically accept most folks are “for” themselves . . .

I also grasp the simplicity of the complexity which is the, so-called United States Of America; racial equality is not something most White people are interested in. As a group, and tell em when I’m wrong, they’ve had to be dragged, and I do mean dragged, kickin’, screamin’ towards any real, legitimate hint of racial equality and inclusion.

Most White men today, politically, morally and ethically speaking are either card-carrying Republican TEA Party members, or “Neo-Confederate Sympathisers” – only roughly a quarter to a third regard themselves as “liberal” or “Progressive.” Which I interpret as; almost every single relevant social position I hold, they stand 180 degrees diametrically opposed to – World Affairs, Education, the economy, Health Care, you name and they are on the other side.

So let’s drag what you might tag as a Neanderthal perspective over to the arena of gridiron gladiators, the NFL.

I’d contend the industry is predominated and dominated by White guys who, as we’re speaking, are politically, socially . . . conservative. Which translates into they’re racist, sexist, most likely elitist in economic terms and if religious, their God’s penis is clearly bigger than any other God’s penis.

And with that observation on-the-table, here we are, not even to the one-quarter mark of the 2012 season and its obvious to me, a cynical critic, the US sportspress, those supposedly non-bias journalist who monitor and report upon this male soap opera, acting as the indisputable ears, eyes and mouth of n’ for millions-upon-millions of angry, bitter, envious White sportsfans are going out of there way to destroy certain Black Signal Callers.

Mike Vick should be benched . . . .

Cam Newton is spending hours on the couch with therapist trying to figure out a way to control his bad moods and anger . . . for he’s little more than a full-grown child whose physical gifts have been figured out and too will go the path of all the other Black Quarterbacks . . . nowhere.

And even worse is the joy and pleasure the press seems to take in reporting the fall of Vince Young.

I guarantee you, if there were a handful of Black owners in the NFL . . . both Donovan McNabb and Vince Young would be in the league today . . . and as productive as a list of Great White Hope Golden Boys such as Jay Cutler, Ryan Fitzgerald, Matt Cassell, Philip Rivers, Arron Rodgers . . . .

You can read from that what-you-will, commencing with the obvious -intertwined in the reasons “why” McNabb sits at home, and VY awaits a phone call that will probably never come – they’re Black, and the owners are White, as are most of the coaches, sponsors and fans/consumers . . . and in America, those dynamics have never, ever not-mattered.

Obviously, we live in a nation where “race” play’s a gigantic role in “how” people are treated, and more precisely How White people treat Black People, as-well-as other Americans-of-Color . . .

Anybody wish to challenge that?

Any n’ every poll or study indicates Black people are still today treated differently by White folks; be it the doctor or nurse who won’t relieve the pain of black child or senior citizen because they “believe” most Blacks are faking, exaggerating the pain . . . in hope of sympathy, or in order to receive drugs they are addicted-to.

White Jurors who assume the guilt of a Black person long-before it’s been determined.

Blacks with the identical financial credentials as their White peers . . . are deliberately strategically steered into subprime home/auto/personal loans in order to generate more profit for folks who can’t be described as anything but greedy, racist White folks.

Lets not even discuss the areas of education and law enforcement . . . where the biases are glaring and undeniable.

And nor should we speak of sports, and the obvious attempts of White guys to manipulate and orchestrate sports, to exclude Blacks from participating, and then to limit the positions with-in certain games we were regarded as mentally and emotionally equipped to handle . . . .

I’d give anything to hear the “journalist” at Yahoo Sports, or Bleacher Report, FOX, AOL, SI, go down the list again explain when and where they changed their perspectives regarding Black players, and specifically Black QBs, as well as the issue of Black Head Coaches.

White males, predictably, conveniently act as if we’ve all, as a nation, as a people moved beyond racism, classism and sexism.

Now few women, Americans of Color or 98% of the workers in this nation believe those “ism” have faded away. Only, and I mean “only” White males profess this type of civic “progress.”
So much so do they believe we’ve come, that the only real, legit form of racism or sexism which exist is the directed towards them.

Everybody is hating’ on White guys . . . I wonder why.

Sad point is, they refuse to accept most Americans see right through their transparent sheets. It’s no secret how White males amassed all the power and control in this nation . . . by any means required, nonetheless as a man of color . . . I’m to “play-along” with this whole “Nordic Alpha Male” tall-tale they tell.

If they did a self-examination of how n’ why they sit so-high, then they’d know why there’s virtually no empathy, sympathy nor pity for their alleged plight.

To be brutally-blunt, and I’ve said this a hundred times, this nations Hall of fames would be void of the man made likes of Johnny U, Bart Starr, Jerry West, Ty Cobb . . . if Black men had been permitted to compete with the likes of White players from little league on . . . .those names would instead be Fritz Pollard, George Taliaferro, Willie Thrower, Charlie “Choo Choo” Brackins, Marlin Briscoe and Joe Jefferson Street Gilliam Parnell Dickinson . . . .

“Had been allowed to compete,” see there’re those who still today don’t want to see Blacks included allowed to compete against Whites and they work feverishly to return this nation to yesteryear, when the game, when life in America was fixed.


  1. Gary Norris Gray BASN Staff Reporter

    September 26, 2012 at 4:46 pm


  2. kenny

    September 26, 2012 at 9:36 pm

    I completely agree with everything you said. I can see the setup happening right now. They are hell bent to protect their “protected” position.

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