By Eric D.Graham
Updated: September 5, 2012

Photo Credit: NY Daily News/Steve Weatherford/Vumee

Photo Credit: NY Daily News/Steve Weatherford/Vumee

NORTH CAROLINA (BASN)—What happens in the locker room, stays in the locker room.

That’s the rules of engagement for any football team.

And I am not talking about Penn State and Jerry Sandusky.

Unfortunately, Giants’ punter Steve Weatherford failed to follow the rules and posted a video on-line of defensive end Jason Pierre Paul dumping teammate CB Prince Amukamara in a tub of Ice.

But, I don’t blame Weatherford totally for his poor judgment in sending this video viral.

Jason Pierre Paul

Jason Pierre Paul

Why? Because, he is simply a part of the “reality TV” movement, who wants to broadcast everything on the Internet for the world to watch or comment on.

The only thing wrong with this risky process is…you never know if the people viewing your video will laugh or get enraged.

In Weatherford case, he created a thunder storm of outrage.

Ironically, programs like HBO’s Hard Knocks encourage behavior like Weatherford foolishly displayed.

Why? Because, we, the general public, want to see it all and hear it all.

Uncut and uncensored.

Yet, we get upset when we hear things; we don’t agree with.

And, see things, we don’t like.

Prince Amukamara

Prince Amukamara

For instance, in this non-news worthy incident involving Jason Pierre Paul and Prince Amukamara, reporters claimed not only to be upset with the alleged bullying and potential hazing captured on the video, but they also claimed to be appalled by the language being used by Pierre Paul as well.


Here’s how USA Today reporter Jarrett Bell viewed the Giants’ locker room incident:

From a personal standpoint, when I watched the viral video of cornerback Prince Amukamara getting dumped into a cold tub by defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul as his New York Giants teammates hooted during this reality episode of training camp. I was most appalled by the language.

Some grown African-American men so casually addressing another with a racial slur. Whoever and however, they should be ashamed. Despite history, bigotry, and civil rights battles, they so easily relinquished dignity. What a lack of responsibility. ”

While I agree with Bell in theory, it’s a locker room.

Not church. Not the PTA meeting. Or the Republican National Convention in Tampa.

It’s a damn football locker room.

Personally, I, who played football in high school and college, have seen far worse incidents, involving “hazing” in the locker room than the one displayed by the Giants, which were not recorded by the way.

With that said, I understand the world’s new campaign against bullying.

I, however, don’t understand while those who speak out against bullying in school and on the internet, fail to voice their disapproval of the United States imperialistic bullying throughout the globe.

Seriously, where is the outrage, the protest, or the unrest, when the United States talks boldly about dropping bombs and killing people overseas during their political conventions or press conferences?

This, however, is beside the point.

What must be addressed here, are cameras in the locker room.

Why? Because, honestly, there are two places where cameras shouldn’t be allowed.

One, is a football locker-room.

The other, is a strip club, filled with naked women and married football players.

Unfortunately, this new generation of “I gotcha” journalists shamefully desire to take a sneak peek at the private lives of professional athletes, while constantly pressing the record button or writing articles that condemn their immature behavior as they pretend to be shocked when they don’t act like “little” choir boys.

Hell, sports reporters, female journalists included, won’t even allow players to get fully dressed before they are pushing a microphone or a tape recorder in their face, while asking them inappropriate questions.

I mean, as a former football player, the locker room is a sacred place for these weekend warriors.

It, in fact, is a place where they can totally relax, fart, talk about women in the worse way possible, curse, pump their favorite yet raunchiest Hip-Hop songs with the foulest language every heard without worrying about what someone is going to say or report.

For that reason, and for that reason alone, I saw nothing shocking about Jason Pierre Paul “baptizing” Prince in a tub of ice water.

In other words, stay out of the locker room, if you are not ready to take a bath. Just ask baseball sports announcer Tim McCarver, who got wet up by Deion Sanders.