By Eric D.Graham
Updated: September 21, 2012

1. Do you like Bryce Harper?

Yes, I like Bryce Harper. But, I hate those “god-awful” Golden slippers; he wore at the All-Star Game. Bryce, this ain’t Kansas, young man. Or maybe it was. Sorry.

2. Did you see Brett Favre play in EA Sports flag-football game?

Yes. He threw two interceptions and was benched by Deion Sanders. Nothing ever changes.

3. What do you think about Mike Tyson’s one-man Broadway show?

I think Mike Tyson is the Black version of Charlie Sheen.

4. Do you like the rapper Two Chainz?

No, I don’t like the rapper Two Chainz. Why? Because, he only has two chains, while Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps has 18 gold chains.

5. Malik Zulu Shabbaz or UCLA’s Shabbaz Muhammad?

Black Power. Malik Zulu Shabbaz. Now, we have to prevent him from going on Sean Hannity and arguing about nothing.

6. What happen to former LSU’s Tyrann Mathiew?

The Honey Badger turned into a skunk.

7. Do you think you take yourself too seriously?

Yes, that’s why I like laughing at Skip Bayless. Now, that dude is hilarious.

8. Is Andrew Luck better than Peyton Manning?

No. Russell Wilson is better than Andrew Luck.

9. Who had the best Jheri Curl Eric Dickerson or Ice Cube?

Eric Dickerson. Besides, he wore those ugly-looking goggles, with that neck-roll, while running for touchdowns. Simply the best.


10. Why did the Steelers lose to the Denver Broncos?

Troy Polamalu was too concerned with his hair than making tackles.

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