Golovkin makes his mark

By Tom Donelson, BASN boxing writer
Updated: September 2, 2012
—Both Golovkin and Proksa were power punches so this was a fight with the potential of being an exciting affair. The first round saw Proksa moved in and out as he imitated Sergio Martinez as Kellerman would quip. Golovkin reached Proksa with a right hand that sent him down for a brief count at the end of the round and Proksa felt the power of Golovkin. Golovkin threw two jabs and a hook that set up the right.
The second and third round saw Proksa occasionally landing a hard shot to the on charging Golovkin who connected on body shots against the maneuvering Proksa. Golovkin caught up to Proksa in the middle of the fourth round as Golovkin nailed his opponent with left hooks to the body that set up a upper cut that sent Proksa reeling and right hand sent Proksa down. Golovkin continuously nailed Proksa with some solid right hands followed by body shots. Proksa stayed standing but the question was how much longer could he survive?
The fifth round was a repeat of the fourth round as Golovkin nailed his opponent with an overhead right followed by a left hook that once again sent Proksa reeling . Golovkin continued his attack but a right hand to the ear followed by another left to the other ear sent Proksa down for a third time. While Proksa got up and was ready for more; the referee decided that he had seen enough punishment. Golovkin was declared the TKO winner but he showed good technique to go with solid power. Golovkin has options including a bout with Geale but he wants a fight with the winner of Martinez-Chavez and for all the obvious reasons; it is a big money fight. Golovkin took on a world class fighter and destroyed so a better question would either Martinez or Chavez willing to fight him?