The Emergence of A NBA Superstar and Peer Role-Model

Updated: September 30, 2012

BOSTON, MA. (BASN)—My definition of a role-model is someone who can act as a big brother, or a person I will always try to emulate and be like because they are heroic in their own right. I’m a 23 year old from Boston,Massachusetts and I had to grow up and become mature earlier than expected but, I learned to be strong for my family and I am a mirror image of Kevin Durant in many ways. I’m a momma’s boy and Kevin is a momma’s boy with his mom Wanda,we both have a love for the sport of basketball,we both have the upmost respect for those who give us respect and we both love sneakers. Kevin’s birthday just passed it was on the 29th of September making him 24 but, little does he know how much of a difference he has made in his supporters lives since he has entered the NBA in 2007. 

Kevin Durant received a sneaker deal with Nike and wanted to make sure that he looked out for every child that grew up wanting to have the best sneakers but couldn’t afford them. Durant wanted to make sure that his shoe was good for him on the court and also good for his supporters pockets as he wanted to have a signature sneaker that was under the $100 retail. Kevin Durant has been performing really well in his Nike KD Zooms and is on his 4th signature sneaker which is photoed above. Kevin Durant actually making his sneaker affordable for his supporters/fans speaks volumes in a young man that just turned 24 and shows the maturity and also shows the growth that he has coming out of DC area which is known as one of the biggest sneaker locations in the US. Durant grew up not being able to get every pair of sneakers that he wanted and understands the struggle with the economy which shows his humbleness, Durant could of charged $275 for his sneaker like his fellow Nike mate Lebron James did or $140 like Kobe Bryant but he understands the value of the American Dollar and Value of Living The American Dream.
 Kevin Durant’s fourth signature sneaker brings us into his life in with the likes of the “Weatherman Sneaker” which was made because, he wanted to be a weatherman if he wasn’t playing basketball which show’s us another side of the NBA Star that a lot of people didn’t know including me. Most of his sneakers that have come out this year have sold out in about 30 minutes or less at every single store they were released in and Durant has become a huge factor in the sneaker community. Me being a sneaker collector I have a lot of KD’s in my collection because, I like the price and I like the meaning behind all of his sneakers with a story behind a majority of the sneakers Nike released for him.
Being an NBA player brings a lot of the spotlight especially when you lead the NBA in scoring back to back at the ages of 22 & 23 like Durant did. With the spotlight brings good and bad but, still through thick and thin Durant has still managed to be focused. Durant is one of the most humble players in the league and you can tell as his 5 year/86 million dollar contract had quietly got signed without a segment called “The Decision”.
Durant has emerged as one of the best in the NBA and even though he came up short in June to the Miami Heat I believe, this summer in London and the tears that he shed on his moms shoulder when the confetti came down in Miami will indeed will him to a championship in the next two years if OKC can retain Harden and Westbrook. Durant has grown in the offense under Scotty Brooks and his length is hard to guard with him already being 6″9 which let’s him get his shot off quick with the ending resulting in a swish. Durant’s trials and tribulations have made him a stronger person as he lost his “Aunt Pearl” and “Charles “Big Chucky” Craig. Those are two very important people in his life that played a role on the person he is today and they’re watching his every move of success in the NBA and guarding him. Just like Durant I had lost a loved one my dad at the age 21, and it happened as soon as I got my position as a sports writer for BASN and it hurt because, as soon as I reached success my dad wasn’t here to enjoy this moment with me but, he guards me and is watching me just how Durant’s loved ones do for him now with his success.
I’m only a couple months younger than Durant which makes him my peer and someone that I look up too because, he is living his dream and as a fan,supporter and someone who just loves the game I feel like I live through his accomplishments. I played basketball all my life and have been going through heart conditions that have slowed me down tremendously which is why I took up sports writing in the first place because, I love the game that much. When I see an OKC Thunder fast break finished by Durant I feel like I’m right there while watching it on television because, I try to live my dreams of being a basketball player in my writing or through my role model Kevin Durant.

Kevin Durant has been training hard this off season and is using the momentum of his Gold Medal to get him ready for the new season as he tries to capture that NBA Championship that he was so close too. I believe this year OKC will be right back in the Finals as long as everyone is healthy and knows their role and if Kevin leads the league in scoring again I believe they can be the western conference team standing in June. 

Kevin Durant has encouraged me to try to help my people anyway I can wether it be lending a helping hand or giving someone advice or volunteering because, you never know that one small thing can change a persons life. Durant has rubbed off on me as a person and his emergence on and most importantly off the court already make him a champion in my eyes and the eyes of the youth in the urban communities that had/have hoop dreams and want to be successful one day like Kevin. I know I’m just one person from Boston,Massachusetts but, my article on Kevin Durant can actually be seen and be embraced because I know that I speak for many young people that can’t actually get their word out like I can. 

I’m proud to say that Kevin Durant is my Role-Model and someone that I look up too because, he is the face of the NBA and he is very humbled and has been this way his whole rise to the top of the NBA. 

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  1. KWAPT

    September 30, 2012 at 4:33 pm

    Nice piece Trav. Love how you threw-in some of your own personal experiences-I really connected with it. Thanks.

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