By Eric D. Graham BASN columnist
Updated: September 5, 2012

Are the 3 amigos ready to ride to another NBA Championship in 2013?

Are the 3 amigos ready to ride to another NBA Championship in 2013?

NORTH CAROLINA (BASN)—According to the Most Honorable Marcus Mosiah Garvey, “Get organized and you will compel the world to respect you. This is exactly what Lebron James, Chris Posh, and Dwyane Wade did when they won the NBA Championship on June 21, 2012.

It was a great beginning for three talented Black Men, with three different personalities, from three different places on the earth, who joined forces in Miami in order to create a basketball dynasty.

It wasn’t easy.

But nothing in life is, that is worthwhile.

Their decision to come together, however, created an avalanche hate. As a result, they became some of the “nicest” villains the world had ever known.

Because despite all the anosmity toward them, their bad boy label couldn’t stick to them, especially when you saw them in their press conferences well-dressed, soft-spoken, and eloquent.

Yet, sports analysts and sports reporters clamored for hours daily on the radio and on television about how this “little experiment” in Miami wasn’t working, especially after their disappointing lost to the Dallas Mavericks last season.

They said Lebron was too selfish. Posh was too soft. Wade was too old. And Coach Spolestra couldn’t coach.

But despite the network of negativity that surrounded them, they regrouped and banded together in order to silence all of their naysayers.

But with every game lost, especially in the playoffs, they faced harsher criticism.

Many “so-called” experts even foolishly suggested that the “BIG THREE” should be dismantled.

There were even ridiculous rumors of an interstate trade that would send Dwyane Wade and Chris Posh to Orlando for Dwyane Howard.

Plus, Pat Riley supposedly was going to magically come out of the stands in order to replace Eric Spolestra during the playoffs and start coaching the team.

It, in fact, became a never-ending story in the sports selection of every newspapers and the topic of constant discussion on sports programs that the Miami Heat weren’t quite good enough.

As a result, the same questions continued to be spun, as if, they were on a Farris wheel at Disneyworld?

Lebron James didn’t have the clutch gene. The “Decision” was wrong? Whose team is this Wade’s or Lebron’s?

It was amazing, however, especially in a “Me First Generation” that these Black players’ attempt to form a basketball brotherhood was getting so much criticism.

Legendary actress Ruby Dee, however, summed up the Heat’s quest for championship glory with these words of wisdom, which had little to do with basketball but more to do with life.

“We want to be individuals.” she clamored.

“Can you imagine a grain of sand wanting to be an individual on the beach? We have brought into this European insanity of me, me, and me. It’s not about me….It’s about we!”

Yes, it was about we not me.

And the Miami Heat showed “all of us” that there was strength in unity and not in individual accolades.

“When I was younger, we wouldn’t have been able to play together….” admitted Dwyane Wade in a lock room interview with Oprah Winfrey.

“When you’re younger, you are trying to make a man for yourself. You worry more about the name on the back than on the front. When you get older, the most important thing in this game, in life, is to be successful and to win.”

Wade’s was speaking from his heart because it was his decision to let go of his ego and allowing Lebron James, who he referred to as the “best player on the world” to become the leader of the team.

With James in control of the offense, the Heat excelled. Plus, everybody around him played better and accepted his leadership role.

“This is a brotherhood….” Posh, Wade and James said in unison.

“They can’t get away from me, now.” confessed D.Wade.

“We’re stuck. If you don’t like me, so what. We are together.”