Steve Young Is Correct; NFL Owners Do Yearn To Break Referees Union . . . .

Updated: September 19, 2012

DENVER CO. (BASN)-–Steve Young, the Cantonized former NFL Signal Caller, Brigham’s great, great grandson . . . is precisely-on-target with his recent observation regarding the NFL’s usage of replacement (scab), officials, so-much-so it forces me to openly ponder if you can’t judge a Mormon by their religion – simply because Mitt Romney and Negro Congresswoman Mia Love, both Mormons, appear disconnected with most Americans when it comes to the pressing issues of race, religion, sexuality , politics and economics – and they’ll tell you their objections are rooted in their religious convictions . . . apparently not all Mormons are from Mars.

But let’s not get lost in a fruitless/endless debate over religion, good lord no, for long, long-ago I concluded arguing over “whose God’s penis is bigger  . . .” was a-non-productive endeavor, instead I merely ask God to  “please protect me from your fanatical fan-club members. . . .”

Nonetheless, let’s focus on the economics involved in the NFL owners lock-out of the league’s officials and the charges Young fired;  “There’s a lot of people in the league that would rather break the (referees) union. … They feel like (officiating) is a commodity,” Young said. “But more importantly, everything about the NFL now is inelastic for demand. There’s nothing (the league) can do to hurt the demand for the game. So, the bottom line is they don’t care.

“They’d rather break the union’s back . . .”  Young hit the bullseye with that comment.

The NFL plantation owners, being less-sensitive to the thoughts of the fanatical fans then most robber barons, seem oblivious as to “how” their hands-on  mismanagement of this behind-the-scenes gridiron dispute between themselves and the Zebras  paints a damning picture of them. They appear as being indifferent to the placing their prized pawns in harms way, indifferent to the clear  financial pain they inflict upon workers, and more than-willing  to make everyday people suffer . . . in order to break the back of organized workers.

Remember Ludlow Colorado . . . .

Worker solidarity, any form of organized labor is a feat the “hi n’ all-so-mighty” top-tier detest and seek to dismantle.  It’s as if the mere thought of workers, like NFL officials, organizing and objecting to the terms of their employment . . . is an ungrateful, unethical, immoral act-of-defiance which should be outlawed and punished.

Young goes on to state; “There’s nothing that changes the demand for the NFL,” he said. “So they want to break the union or send a message to them, they don’t care about player safety. It doesn’t affect the desire for the game. If it affected the desire for the game, they’d come up with a few extra million dollars.”

What’s significant in Young’s scorching summation of the role the NFL owners play in this labor dispute, yet intentionally lost in the heat-of-the-moment? The NFL owners represent . . .  oh how do they “represent.” They’re  America’s Aristocrats, financially obese Fat-Cats who embody the elitist value; God is money, money is God.

Mo-Money . . . it’s all about the “dead presidents.”

The NFL owners are apart of a tiny-sliver of US society which harbors few, if any qualms weighing and measuring people based solely, entirely on money – which results in them concluding rich people, like themselves,  are simply better than poor people. . . like you n’ I.

Yes, when they poop, it’s not like yours or mine, instead it’s like “Ocean Breeze” Fabreez . . . .

Referees, like players, like front-office staff, like the vendors in the stands, the small business folks outside the gates of the coliseum who make a living based on the income derived from servicing fanatical fans . . . the entire micro-economic system, the well-being of all the human elements in this financial equation are meaningless, if not irrelevant in the jaded-eye’s of  the NFL owners, we know that, it’s been demonstrated in the past.

The NFL owners fancy themselves as “captains of industry,”  card-carrying members of the “leisure Class” they’re synonymous with Wall Street, and there’s no question in this particular endeavor – owning a team of professional gladiators, they indisputably  make their moolah off the hard work of others, like referees, but still they’re willing to pinch-pennies, stretch-a-dollar bill until the eagle on the back smiles. .. . in order to maximize their profits.

I can safely-say these rich folks, the hi’ n’ all-so-mighty prefer to break-bread with, wine n’  dine with, sit n’ sip  with . . . only card-carrying sexist segregationist Country Club members, like Rush Limbaugh, who’s a well noted “buddie of more than a few team owners, while it appears the owners could care less if the unwashed masses are left-out in the frigid cold.

Left them eat cake . . . .

The pigskin plantation owners, like fingers-in-a-glove, inherently adhere to Corporate America’s position of despising “organized labor,” despite ownership themselves being an highly orchestrated, for lack of an more appropriate  term . . . cartel, no, they’d prefer the workers who actually create the on-field product be disorganized, desperate and willing to take the stale crumbs the owners reluctantly  let-fall off their marble table.

Now note the NFL owners harbor the same opinions of “labor” that most Fortune 500 outfits do . . . worker-ants are expendable.

These narrow minded Ebeneezer Scrooge like characters, who act as if they stepped-up to the plate and hit a grand-slam, they  forget we all know, like Mitt, most were born on 3rd base, after their daddies stole second . . . they believe workers ought be grateful ownership has created the venue, the vehicle to generate income for all.

It’s as if the owners no idea there’s a formula which must be followed in-order for this nation’s economy to function at an optimum level – we’re in this together,  we worker bees do all the hard work, get our hands dirty generating gazillions for the owners and in response owners pay fair and decent wages conducive with breadwinner gigs which enable folks to live the American Dream if they work from can’t see to can’t see  . . . .

Might “cutthroat capitalist” be the most fitting description one could give these ruthless bastards?

Lastly Young offers this: “Player safety? Doesn’t matter in this case. Bringing in Division III officials? Doesn’t matter. Because in the end, you’re still going to watch the game.”

What does matter?  The owners profit stream will continue to flow, uninterrupted. This is the exact mindset of the “vulture capitalist class,” Gordon Geko types like Romney who don’t care how they make there millions, blood diamonds or blood cars, blood phones, . . . they’ve no interest in an honorable endeavor. Profiting in the end . . . justifies any, and all means required to do so.

Steve Young didn’t say it, but I will, for the NFL owners, as for most Big Business pimps . . life ain’t nothin’ but bitches n’ money.


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