Will Rush Be A Guest Of Your NFL Team . . .?

By Desi Cortez BASN Columnist
Updated: August 12, 2012

DENVER, CO.—If it matters to the Mayors of megalopolises like Chi-Town and Bean-Town Chicken Fil-A owner Dan Cathay is an Ol’ Testament abiding/homophobic All-American Aristocrat, then it ought matter to the same big-city mayors, city council members and citizen/sports-fans that their NFL Team’s owner invites the Grand Pooh-Bah of Angry “Real Americans,” Rush Limbaugh, to their fair city to break-bread in a stadium penthouse . . . . A skypad,

One-in-which most likely the little people’s money was used to construct . . . Sure, wining n’ dining Rush while he sits as the undisputed face, voice, heart and clearly the guts of this nation’s Anti-Americans-of-Color, Anti Women, Anti-worker solidarity movement. I believe the term is White Backlash Call me crazy, but I’d argue any team’s Black and Latino players and coaches, along with their fanbase and the sports journalist who allegedly act as the eyes n’ ears of the fanatical football fan, supposedly all the fans, not simply angry White male fans – these individuals ought-to openly object to their team’s owner inviting, welcoming Rush. And Rush is a regular . . . . This is a man, who for all practical purposes captains the invisible empire, i.e., that silent, and shrinking-by-the-hour “slight majority,” those people, specifically Euro-Americans . . . translation White folks – whose political/social, economical and global beliefs . . . are only separated from the KKK by thin white sheets, burning crosses and hangin’ ropes . . . . Outside of that . . . Rush’s revived White Citizens Council and the ol’ time Klan are on the same identical “retro” page. Philosophically, they’re cut from the same grey n’ crimson cloth . . . it’s blended TEA Party. Now let’s be perfectly Tricky-Dick Nixon clear here – Rush has a documented background of offending Black folks . . . and Latinos, Asians, American Indians, Muslims and any women not content with being a ‘maid in the kitchen and a whore in the bathroom,’ as well as Blue-Collar and No-Collar worker ants n’ bees. Please note, I didn’t say Limbaugh’s a racist/sexist/ elitist bastard – I said he’s offended and insulted well-over half the US-of-A and three of the four corners of the globe . . . . Granted he’ll never confess to his obvious isms, one need-not be a “Redneck Whisperer” to decipher and detect his hatred. He specifically has stated NFL games resemble “gang fights” between Bloods n’ Crips – minus the hardware, and it’s Limbaugh’s contention the game of pro-gridiron has gone out-of-its-way to anoint unworthy Black Quarterbacks as worthy of Field General status based on societal pressure and the weakness of a moderate sports press which buckles to mean, loud Black fans . . . have Rush tell it. However, what has to be weighed n’ measured; Beyond Limbaugh’s track record of insulting Blacks, and most other Americans who aren’t White, male, straight, wealthy and far-Right . . . Rush has gone out-of-his-way since the day Barack and Michelle Obama started dirtying the White House sheets to belittle and demean this nation’s first Afro-American Commander-in-Chief, and in doing-so he’s tightroped the line of Bull Connor and George Wallace verbal insults.

honestly, there’s no question Rush has diabolically turned-up the hate meter in Archie Bunker enclaves across the land. As we all know, this End-of-America-as-we-know-it / The Negors are comin’! The Negros are Comin’ theme has increased Sam Walton’s gun sales through-the-roof. Here, permit me to tell it like it really is . . . .

This President’s life, and that of his wife and two young girls, even his mother-in-law, one n’ all have received unprecedented levels of “die-Nigger die” luv-letters. Assassination threat numbers unseen and unheard of in the annals of the US Presidency according to the Secret Service. Yeah, believe it baby . . . the hate is that absolute. There’s an thick, double-wide, stuffed-crust, an triple-layer slice of the American Pie, Rednecks – and they hold-sacred all that their grandpappy’s did in 1955, thus they think relatively no-differently than the men who killed Medgar Evans, Dr. King, Emmit Till and those four little girls down in that Birmingham Church; Segregation yesterday, segregation tomorrow. And dare I say – they listen to Rush Limbaugh.

I’d wager in a Sin City casino all the money under the sun . . . they luv them some Rush. If anything happens to this President, or his family . . . and you know what I’m talkin’ ’bout – Rush Limbaugh will be the poster-punk for an industry where the vast, overwhelming majority of talk show host, listeners, and the advertisers – all will have blood drippin’ all-over their mics, blood running-down off the desk to the floor . . . .

I just can’t imagine how it’s “OK” to have Rush in your luxury box chewing-the-fat, kickin’-back, being amused n’ entertained by the savage gladiator’s . . .. Am I to understand the NFL owners have no-clue, no clue Rush offends the 99% of us who’re not in their elitist fraternity . . . Yet they do grasp Rush “represents” – they know who n’ what he “represents.” And the pigskin-plantation owners well-understand the unwashed masses, of whom Rush detest; we, the “little-folk,” who love ourselves some of the never-ending male soap-opera which is the NFL . . . , so-much-so we financially underwrite it all. The NFL owners merely don’t give a damn how their fanbase/suckers regards them.