By Eric D. Graham BASN columnist
Updated: August 29, 2012

Celebrity with a catch

Celebrity with a catch

NORTH CAROLINA (BASN)--What happens when reality TV goes wrong?

You lose your endorsements. You get a divorce. You go to jail. And you get fired. All on national television.

I tried to warn Chad OchoCinco, that he was playing a “dangerous game” when he decided to dance before the cameras.

Remember, the word STAR…. is RATS spelled backwards.

In other words, RATS will do anything in order to get a little bit of extra cheese…

But, they all in up getting captured in the RAT TRAP of life when the game is over. (Kim K. proved this to be true with her fake marriage to New Jersey Nets power forward Kris Humphries last year.)

Yes, this is what unfortunately happened to ex-Miami Dolphin wide receiver Chad Johnson.

Too much exposure. Too much television time.

And too much reality T.V.

Johnson, in fact, had become addicted, it seemed, to all the cameras, all the lights, all the attention, and to the fame, which reality T.V provided for him.


Therefore, it seemed like the perfect setup, that the Miami Dolphins would be highlighted on HBO’s Hard Knocks this season, with the loud-mouth Chad Johnson, who had been “silenced” by Bill Belchick and the New England Patriots last season, after catching only 12 passes from Tom Brady, while having problems learning the ‘complex” offensive playbook, being the star of the show.

Plus, Johnson was from Miami.

It, in fact, was the perfect storyline for the Hard Knocks’ producers, who needed something to get people to watch this lousy Miami Dolphins team during the preseason, whose biggest attraction was running back Reggie Bush, who once dated Kim Karadashian.


Yes, Chad OchoCinco was suppose to “shuck and jive” his way through Hard Knocks and provide the needed off-beat humor in order to generate a couple of laughs for its viewing audience.

Truthfully, it would have been a sin for anyone not to watch this “football foolishness.”

Besides, everybody knew Chad wasn’t going to disappoint HBO or his million twitter followers.

As a result, the cameras instantly found him strutting his stuff like a peacock on the field.

He, of course, HAMM-ed it up for the cameras, by providing an endless supply of on the field chatter, which seemed to upset some of his team mates.

Then, right on que, Johnson provided the controversy the show needed in his now infamous F-bomb press conference, where he cursed freely and revealed his desire to become a Pornstar.

Next, it almost looked scripted, the way Chad seemingly yet spontaneously, popped up in the Dolphins’ coaches’ meeting with a clipboard in his hand, which his head coach quickly told him to “go home to his wife.”

After that, Johnson unbelievably was captured on camera telling security that he was going to get arrest.

And just like that, with a few clever edits of Chad dropping a few passes, Johnson’s comments of getting arrested came true, as he shamefully walked with his head down in handcuffs, after allegedly head-butting his wife of only one month, Evelyn Lozada, who had become famous for her temper tantrums and foul-mouth rants on the reality show Basketball Wives.


Yes, reality and reality television had crossed paths on the road to riches and crashed in a head on collision.

Humbled by his arrest, Johnson with tears in his eyes, walked in Miami Dolphins’head coach Joe Philbin’s office, where he eventually was cut from the team live on camera.

Ironically, Johnson’s and Phibin’s meeting, provided one of the “realest” moments in reality TV history.

Sadly after the meeting, Johnson was released for the Dolphins.

After being cut, his football career seems to be over, as his skills seemingly have diminished over time.


Johnson, unfortunately, failed to realize that those Hollywood cameras have a way of stealing one’s soul and leaving those who pose in front of them, soulless after awhile.

As a result, the person “acting” in front of them becomes “caricatures of themselves.”

This is what happened to the late-great Tupac Shakur. He couldn’t stop “acting” like the Bishop character he created in the movie Juice.

Likewise, Chad Johnson couldn’t stop “acting” like the OchoCinco character he had created on the sidelines while at the Cincinnati Bengals.

And in the end, he found himself being escorted out of the Miami Dolphins training camp, down the Hall of Shame, without a yellow Hall Fame jacket, he desired to wear at the end of his career.