Jabari Parker: Being Black and Mormon

By Eric D.Graham BASN Staff Reporter
Updated: August 29, 2012

Lives a Mormon life

Lives a Mormon life

NORTH CAROLINA (BASN)–Black and Mormon, now that’s an oxymoron.

Shockingly, however, the number one recruit in high school basketball, who some consider the “next Lebron James,” is a 6’9 practicing Mormon named Jabari Parker from Chicago, Illinois.

How a Black person could be a Mormon in 2012 is simply idiotic, especially with the churches racist past?

Without question, Parker, who is of Tongan and African American descent, has definitely been “brainwashed” to believe that “THE WHITE JESUS CHRIST” visited North America” and that Joseph Smith is some type of divine prophet.

This is classic example of why Black people, according to religious scholars, are considered to be likening to sheep, because they historically continued to follow anybody and worship anything, just like Jabri Parker, who was highly influenced by his mother, Lola Parker.

What most Black people and the Parkers fail to realize, however, is that White Supremacy is the religion worshipped throughout the world, regardless if it comes in the form of Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Mormonism or Scientology?

Hopefully, Jabari, who was named the 2011-12 Gatorade National Boys Basketball Player of the Year and Mr. Basketball of Illinois,will learn this as he continues to impress college scouts from around the nation at Simeon Career Academy during his senior season.


With that said, one has to wonder what kind of impact Jabari’s Mormonism will have on his basketball career and on his college recruitment process, is yet to be determined.

Currently, he is being recruited by Duke, Kansas, Michigan State, and North Carolina. But many people wonder whether he will sidestep an opportunity to attend one of these collegiate powerhouses in order to attend BYU or Utah instead.

Regardless of what college Parker attends, several scouts believe he will be going to the NBA after his freshman season.

Unfortunately, due to his Mormonism, Parker will be “encouraged but not required” to embark on a two-year missionary tour, where he has to push “this poisonous religion like crack” to some gullible part of the world.

During this two-year tour, Parker, who won’t be able to work or play basketball, will be dressed in a standard white shirt, tie and khakis, while carrying a Book of Mormon and trying to convince people the Joseph Smith is a prophet for God, instead of working on his basketball skills.

This, in effect, could hurt his status and stock in the NBA Draft as well as his career in the NBA.

Personally, I feel Parker won’t participate in this Mormon mission to spread the “so-called gospel” just as other well known successful Mormon athletes didn’t: like the 2011 college basketball player of the Year at BYU and the 10th pick in 2011 NBA Draft Jimmer Fredette, NBA champion Danny Ainge (Boston Celtics) and three-time Super Bowl champion Steve Young (49ers).


With Parker being the “new black-face of Mormonism” let’s take a closer a look at what the so-called prophet Joseph Smith said about Black people:

“The negro is an unfortunate man. and he has been given black skin…..not only was Cain called to suffer, but because of his wickedness he became the father of an inferior race. A curse was placed upon him and that curse has been continued through his lineage and must do so while time endures…. they have been made to feel their inferiority and have been separated from the rest of mankind from the beginning.”

I wonder if Jabari Parker, who is a devout member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, is aware of this White Supremacist doctrine as he dribbles his basketball up the court as a high school senior, while confessing his devotion to the “false prophet” Joseph Smith.

Hopefully, he will put down the Book of the Latter Day Saints and pick up The Black Man of the Nile by Dr. Yosef ben-Jochannan, Nile Valley Civilization by Anthony Browder and Sex and Race by J.A.Rogers during his sojourner in life.

Yes, according to the Mormons, Black people are cursed with the mark of blackness and are descendents from Cain. It’s the same old, white, racist rhetoric that infects the white churches in America as well as in the “so-called” Jewish synagogues in Israel that claimed Black people were the cursed seed of HAM. Recently, there was evidence of this racist theology in Israel’s xenophobic attacks against African migrants, which has not been denounced by the United States.

Could this be the only reason Mitt Romney has been given a pass, or an endorsement by some of the “so-called” conservative Christian Right during his run for presidency, even though, most of them consider Mormonism to be a cult.


Speaking of Mitt Romney, who could be the nation’s first Mormon president, why hasn’t anyone asked him what the Mormon Church really believes in, besides the late- Tim Russert on Meet the Press.

Unfortunately, most Black people don’t really care what Romney believes as long as he is not a Muslim and doesn’t listen to Pastor Jeremiah Wright. Besides, I am still looking for Fox News’ Sean Hannity to do an investigative report on the alleged cult. Plus, I am still waiting for Rush Limbaugh to ridicule this “so-called Mormon religion.”

That’s why, somebody has to inform the young and naive, potential NBA superstar, Jabari Parker that the Mormon Church considers him to a part of an inferior race of people before he becomes further indoctrinated with this foolishness.

Yeah, I know they claimed to have had a change of heart in 1978.

But according to the “so-called” Apostle N. Eldon Tanner during a interview with the Seattle Magazine in 1964, “the church has no intention of changing its doctrine on the Negro.Throughout the history of the original Christian church, the Negro never held the priesthood. There’s really nothing we can do to change this. It’s a law of God.”

With that said, hopefully, Jabari Parker will throw the Book of Mormon in the trash, denounce the false faith, while “washing his brain” from all of the “white lies” and “white” propaganda promoted by Brigham Young, Joseph Smith, and the “white Jesus”, who came to North America spreading it.