By By Rod Coffee
Updated: August 4, 2012

LONDON--His stride was casual, his pace slow, Haiti’s 800M middle distance runner, Moise Joseph, took his time soaking-up the sights and sounds around Olympic Park as he prepared for the track-and-field portion of the 2012 London Olympic Games.

The former University of Florida Gator and part-time Miami resident competed in the 2004 Olympic games in Greece. This time around, the veteran competitor of international sporting events, is determined to appreciate the moments as they unfold starting with the warm reception he received from the British fans.

“It’s been good,” Joseph said, smiling at fans as they walked bye. “The Londoners, the locals , have been very nice and very hospitable.

With the massive Olympic stadium in the background and signage promoting the international event every where you turn, the 30-year-old world-class runner, joined fans in the realization that after seven years of preparation, the moment they’ve waited for has finally arrived.

“I think everybody is kinda excited the games are here and now that the athletes are starting to come around, I think the locals are starting to see that the games are actually here and so it’s pretty cool,” he said.

Meanwhile, the bi-cultural runner remains appreciative of his fans in Haiti and the United States, knowing his support comes not only from the people on the Caribbean island he represents, but from those like him who migrated to America in search of a dream.

“Of course, I’m mean, actually originally from Miami, Joseph reminded. “So my friends and family are supporting me back home and I’m excited to hear from them and knowing people back at home in Miami are excited to have somebody from Miami representing Haiti.”

The XXX Olympiad continues.