Final Fireworks For ESPN

Updated: August 18, 2012


IOWA CITY, IOWA (BASN)—Don George faced Dionisio Miranda in the opening bout of the last ESPN Friday Night fights of the year and George started to hit the body while Miranda countered but not always effectively.

Miranda started to land some punches in the second round and while George was the aggressor, he was not much more effective than his opponent in the second round.

In the third round, George simply followed his opponent and this gave Miranda opportunity to escape and Miranda countered more effectively, but in the fourth round, George finally nailed Miranda with two rights that forced Miranda to retreat. He also concluded the fifth round with a double jab and a right hand that pushed Miranda back. George continued to pursue with five big right hands in the sixth round that weaken Miranda legs, and Miranda looked hurt for the first time in the fight.

George concluded the round with three more powerful rights that punctuated the round and Miranda went back staggered to his corner. From there, his corner stopped the fight as their fighter had nothing left after an assault of one right hand after another right hand. Miranda spent most of the sixth round blocking that right hand with his head and his corner figured that was not a great way to defend oneself in the seventh round.

Junior Middleweight contender Carlos Molina faced Damian Frias and he began the action pressing the action and Frias offered little in fighting back. Molina used a few subtle aspect of the sweet science as he occasionally faked a punch before hitting his opponent and Frias looked confused throughout the round.

Throughout the third and fourth round, Molina got off first and near the end of fourth round, Molina nailed Frias with combinations that sent Frias into the rope.

The fifth and sixth round followed the pattern of the previous rounds but with a minute into round seventh, Frias nailed Molina with a solid left as Molina got careless when advancing. After that Molina showed more caution as he returned to the attack.

Going into the eighth round, Molina was fighting a reluctant warrior and this made it difficult for him to look impressive but Frias own reluctance to fight made it impossible for him to win a decision. In the ninth round, Molina pushed the pace and often forced his opponent to the rope. Molina went on the attack and even unleashed a final series of combinations over the final thirty seconds of the fight and won an easy decision.
Molina showed why he is a top ten as he showed all his skills, moving in and out while giving his opponent different angles. In his last fight, he was part of a controversial loss to James Kirkland that many ringside officials are still confused about that decision. Molina showed against Frias that he is still a top ten fighter.
Don George showed power in the sixth round but he also showed several flaws including the failure to cut off the ring and if he wants to fight the elites then he has to change his style. He needs to learn to cut the ring, use his jab more effectively and continue to improve on his defense.