Black Olympians Today . . . Niggers Tomorrow.

By Desi Cortez BASN Columnist
Updated: August 8, 2012

O beautiful for spacious skies, For amber waves of grain, For purple mountain majesties Above the fruited plain! America! America! God shed his grace on thee And crown thy good with brotherhood From sea to shining sea!

DENVER, CO. (BASN) Brotherhood . . . , from sea to shinin’ sea . . . . Are you serious? Who’s kiddin’ who here? Someone please enlighten me as to when Blacks and Whites lived in harmony . . .? I’d never discredit my highly legitimate argument by insisting Gabby Douglass will come “home” to the same separate and unequal US-of-A 1936 Olympian Jesse Owens came home to . . . but I will insist “America’s Little Princess” comes home to an divided America, in which about half, the half on the Right” can seemingly only envision Black women as Welfare Queens. To be both sharp n’ blunt, Gabby comes home to a nation where the slight White majority is obviously, clearly disturbed, deeply, deeply- so by a Black man residing in “White” White House. “White House,” apparently to millions of genuine, authentic Americans has a 1954 connotation to it, as in “White Only . . .” and Obama’s mere presence has inflamed and outraged this country’s “patriots” to arms, in an gallant effort to “take-back their country” from . . . the unwanted; Blacks, Latinos, Asians and Muslims . . . all Americans-of-Color. And regardless of the contemporary climate, FOXNews has either the misplaced audacity or stupidity to ponder “Why” we don’t hear n’ see more All-American patriotism, more flag waving, more displays reflecting some rampant love-of-country . . . , and in-order to escort this anti-USA “problem” on the media stage they employ footage of Gabby Douglass, not wearing a fitted Ol’ Glory flag, and they bring out some in house House-Negro, David Webb, to moan n’ groan about the lack-of-over-the-top nationalism and patriotism. Let’s be realistic, if but for a moment; most Americans love their country, yet most Americans are not fanatical about it in the sense they aren’t attired in-costome 24/7, like say the Confederate Civil war reenactors are. Most Americans realize this nation is a collection of contradictions; it’s done good, and it’s done wrong. To demand the descendants of those done wrong to act as if there’s no bad-water under the bridge is far-fetched, if not ridiculous. That blind, extreme TEA Party Patriotism being demanded by Neo-Cons . . . it ain’t gonna happen. That type of blind love-of-country hasn’t been ingrained into Black kids perspective, and I don’t care if your parents are career military or police officers, there’s a realization we, as Black Americans are, at best, 2nd class citizens. While the equality and diversity achieved in the US, has been done with 75% of White America coming to the table . . . kickin’ n’ screamin. And now that we’ve a Black man in the Oval Office, good lord, have the angry paranoid hostile elements on the Right tell it . . . the sky is falling. Experts call it Chicken Little Syndrome. Once more, most Americans see General George A. Custer as the terrorist, while they believe Sitting Bull and Crazy Horse to be the true defenders of freedom. Isn’t that the truth? Along similar lines – the plantation owners are the bad guys, not the slaves. See, these are the fundamental, root problems this nation has; half the people in the US look at the American Flag . . . and see it for what it was and what it is, and not what it wants to be. While there’s a slice who can only see the USA as Utopia. Ol Glory flew over and solidified the will of the American people to establish and maintain Indian Reservations, cotton plantations and Japanese American Internment Camps, its rationalized and justified the rule of thumb which helped keep women barefoot and pregnant. Betsy Ross’s needlework backed and supported No Dogs/No Mexicans signs . . . and still today it’s crystal-clear to most – there still exist millions upon millions of “Real Americans” who desire to reverse, if not turn-back the hands of time and the so-called progress which came along with the perceived advancements, back to the good ol’ days of yesteryear, 1952, when everybody knew, understood and most importantly accepted their White man assigned place. Turn-back the hands-of-time is not sufficient, let us go with . . . rip the damn clock off the flippin’ wall . . . I’d submit the internal attachment to the flag, what it embodies in the popular culture sense – is less for most Americans-of-color and women, and for those who’ve read, ben educated and enlightened, i.e., paid attention in high school history classes realizes the contradictions the flag embodies.
Just Deserts

Just Deserts

And that awareness squashes any of the “Right Wing” Patriotism being demanded by FOX News and AM Hate Radio. I’m a proud American based on the blood, sweat n’ tears my people poured into this land, we’ve invested in the empire and deserve a shot at the ever-elusive American Dream like anyone else. I believe in the sentiment, the notion of a land of freedom liberty, equality and justice, I just don’t believe that land, i.e., this land – this country has ever turned the porch light on and tossed out the welcome mat for Black folks and most folks of color . . . and I don’t think they’re going to start now. Let Gabby say how much she loves President Obama . . . her approval numbers in the Heartland and below the Mason/Dixon Line will take a hit instantly. Black Olympian Princess yesterday, uppity Nigger who doesn’t know-her-place tomorrow.