The Penn State Saga

By Richard Kent BASN Writer
Updated: July 24, 2012

The family that prays together stays together

The family that prays together stays together

CONNECTICUT (BASN)—Let’s take a look at some of the absurdities that came down yesterday:

1.Really Paterno family- Please get a pr advisor and keep your mouths shut.

Whatever is left of the legacy is being destroyed by you. Do you need to have your friendly lawyer write a statement every time Joe’s name is pilloried? I think not.

2.The loss of scholarships- OK so Penn State is going to play Nebraska,Ohio State and Michigan over the next few years without any depth. They will get beaten up. Physically. And what does this accomplish. Some players might actually get hurt. It is simply an archaic penalty that the NCAA always adds on at the end.
3. The records- So a full decade of Penn State players played football and didn’t win a game. Why punish them and only benefit Bobby Bowden and Eddie Robinson.Put a nice big fat asterisk next to Paterno’s win total. That would do the trick.
4. A rush to judgment- We have heard those words before and will hear them again. Perhaps the NCAA should have taken a deep breath and waited for the criminal justice system to take some action before it issued some penalties which in the future will certainly be viewed as Draconian.
5. Lack of Institutional Control- Please define it for once and for all NCAA so we won’t be trying to figure out why it is a catch-all phrase when nothing else seems to apply.
6. Enough Jay- Bilas is a great basketball announcer and a fine lawyer.

Perhaps he should stay away from football commentary.

7. The Freeh Report- Is it fact or just a prosecutorial indictment. Time will tell.
8. Those cameras in the Penn State Student Center- ESPN decided that it would be wise to show the faces of about 20 Summer School students in the Penn State Student Center when the penalties were being read out on tv. How many of those kids actually attend Penn State and why should we care what they think or how they react. Just sensationalism once again by our friend ESPN.