By Eric D. Graham BASN columnist
Updated: July 6, 2012

NORTH CAROLINA (BASN)–Princeton professor Cornel West said that “Arrogance is the benchmark to immaturity,while humility is the benchmark to maturity.”

This perfectly described the one called King James as he predicted “not one, not two, not three, not four…” NBA Championships when he first arrived in Miami.

With the pressure to live up to his own prediction, he, unfortunately, crumbled and collapsed under pressure.

And despite his sincere public campaign to win back the hearts of the people he had disappointed, he still was perceived as Public Enemy Number #1 after leaving Cleveland and “taking his talents to South Beach.”

With last season’s embarrassing playoff performance and public failure still fresh in his mind, LBJ knew he had to silence his critics and redeem his royal name.


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In other words, he had to win “by all means necessary.”

Because losing was not an option this season.

Besides, if he lost another Championship, he couldn’t go back to Cleveland and he probably would be kicked out of Miami, especially with the slogan of the NBA Finals being “Win or Go Home.”

With his legacy on the line, Lebron James found himself walking the blank and forced to jump in a tank full of sharks.

Why? Because, this NBA Finals would define his career.

Therefore, he could sit on the throne and be crowned the KING, while forcing all of his haters to bow down and kiss his ring, which he should strategically place on his middle finger.

Or, he could end up being a homeless beach bum kicking up sand on a lonely beach and playing nerf football during the off season.

In other words, this was it.

There was no turning back.

It was time to show and prove.

He couldn’t let the emotional baggage from last year weight him down.

Mentally, throughout the playoffs leading up to the NBA Finals, he looked prepared and his on court performance were truly legendary.

Plus, he was playing in rhythm and in tune with his team mates.

He even looked relaxed at the free throw.

Surprisingly, to the Miami Heat fans, it looked, as if, the “old, confident Cleveland Lebron” had returned to the arena.

You know the one, who could single handedly take over a game at will.

Oh yeah, the King was back.


And it was obvious; this man-child wasn’t going to let this opportunity to win a NBA Championship slip out of his hands this time by the way he dipped his shoulders and bulldozed his way down the lane for an easy basket.

Stat wise, in 23 games, including the NBA Finals, Lebron played an average of 42 minutes, while amazing hitting 50% of his shots from the field. This included making 73% of his free throws. James also grabbed 9.7 rebounds per game, 5.6 assists, and a whopping 30.3 points per game.

But despite all of the stats and numbers, he could still feel his haters breathing down his neck, and praying for his downfall.

To make matter worse, a rising superstar named Kevin Durant, who stood in his shadows, was trying desperately to overshadow his greatness.

Plus, the media had cleverly nick-named him the Anti-Lebron, setting the stage for a colossal battle between “two mama’s boys.”

The general public surprisingly favored Durant while considering Lebron a fraud, who was unworthy of being called THE KING.

And, once people consider you a fraud, you must use force to prove them wrong.

This is exactly what Lebron James did.


He used the “FORCE.”

We have heard this term “FORCE” used before, in the movie Star Wars, when a young “unproved” Jedi Knight by the name of Luke Skywalker, attempted to shot down the Death Star as Darth Vader chased him.

It was that same “FORCE” that Lebron James used during the pre-game before the introduction of the starting line-up, when he sat silently on the bench meditating, visualizing and praying.

That FORCE was also presence when he hobbled back on the court after suffering a cramp in his upper thigh and hit a late 4th quarter three pointer in Game 4.

Yes, the FORCE was with LBJ the entire series.

And after all the suspense and seven three pointers by Mike Miller, the buzzer sounded and confetti fell from the sky as a jubilant Lebron James jumped up and down.

Because, finally, after nine long years, he had earned the right to be called the KING.