Striking at the Conciseness of America PT I

By Gary Norris Gray BASN Staff Reporter
Updated: July 30, 2012

Gary Norris Gray BASN Staff Reporter

OAKLAND, CA. (BASN)—Last week an article was posted on July 24th regarding the possible suspension of the Penn State Football program. A very interesting event happened. The basketball fans of Syracuse University were not happy with the following four paragraphs. Other schools were mentioned in the article and readers either agreed or said nothing at all.

This is a reality check for the NCAA. The Administrators in Kansas City are so focused on their four team football playoff bowl program that they are not dealing with the current ethical and moral problems occurring on the campuses across the country. Maybe the NCAA will earn their salaries now because they might have to clean the houses of many other football programs.


The recent incidents on the campuses of The Ohio State University, The University of Florida, Penn. State University, Syracuse University, and in the (HBCU) Historically Black College and Florida A&M University is tragic. These signs should be a signal that there are problems on our campuses of higher learning, these legal problems that should be rectified.

The Hazing death of a FAMU Rattler Drum Major, the selling of players uniforms in Ohio State University, and the sexual abuse of children on the campuses of PSU, and Syracuse University. Sadly, university officials tried to cover up these improprieties instead of disciplining the alleged offenders immediately.



It created a monster, a monster out of control. This monster might be turning on the NCAA if it does not control these growing problems. The recent episode at Happy Valley and Syracuse University was a distinct wake-up call for the NCAA executives in Kansas City. The recently released FBI report became public. That report stated that there was a systematic system of cover up at Penn State, FAMU, Ohio State, and Syracuse from the college presidents down. Especially the football program of PSU and the basketball program at Syracuse. The programs were more important than the children.


We are living in very perilous time when a college sports program is more important than young human lives. These are the facts:

The problems have been with college sports for decades. Here are a few incidents and their results, The Florida Gators started this parade of shame in 1982. This is the top ten list of shame. It will continue to happen until the NCAA gets honest with itself and move into a complete housecleaning mode. The NCAA is working with a 1914 mentality when the world is in 2012.


1. The Southern Methodist University Football program receives the Death Penalty in 1987-88 and did not play until 1989. This is the big daddy of them all, the death penalty literally destroyed the Mustang Football program. SMU finally returns to a bowl game in 2009.


The NCAA did not want this to happen at Penn. State University.



2. The University of Southern California- 2005 a) tutors writing papers for players b) Reggie Bush returns Heisman Trophy after boosters let his family live in plush house. Bush is the only winner to ever have to return the trophy.



3. The Oklahoma Sooners- 1989: a) 18 NCAA violations b) rape charges by players c) recruits being paid d) the bombshell quarterback Charles Thompson sold cocaine to undercover FBI agent in 1989 e) Coach Barry Switzer leaves program and coaches the Dallas Cowboys.



4. Florida State University – 2009: a) Bobby Bowden has to vacate 12 victories for academic cheating scandal forcing Bowden to step down. b) Agents giving players free shoes worth over 6,000 dollars and the nickname Free Shoes University.



5. Auburn University: a) “The 60 Minutes”, interview, the Auburn Tigers are taken down by an African American player b) Defensive back Eric Ramsey tapes head coach Pat Dye and Tiger booster giving monies to players. c) this was the first incident where a player turns on his coach because Ramsey thought Black players were only permitted to play certain positions. Pat Dye steps down and becomes athletic director.

6. The Ohio State University-2010-2012: a) Head Football Coach Jim Tressell resigns in May 2011 b) Quarterback Maurice Clarett receives money from and benefits 2003 c) 2004 Troy Smith was given 500 dollars from OSU Booster d) Dec. 2010 Letter of Compliance e) Dec. 2010 five players sold OSU materials to tattoo pallor in exchange for free tattoos f) Mar. 2011 Tressell finally admits violations g) May 2011 NCAA begins to investigate allegations h) Ohio State University did not get suspended because the school took actions internally 7) The University of Florida 1982-1984: a) Charlie Pell and the 107 NCAA violations in 1982-84. b) Placed on 2 year ban from bowl games and SEC championships c) Must vacate victories and 1984 SEC Championship


8) Arizona State University 2006-2007: a) the institution tried to self impose sanctions it did not work b) Running back Loran Wade was having an affair with ASU employee which is not illegal but the 1,100 dollars was, the NCAA frowned on this exchange c) the baseball team joined the football team and the Sun Devils were banned from post season play.



9) Texas A & M University -1988: a) Head Coach Jackie Sherrell resigned after findings of improper employment, extra benefits, unethical conduct, and lack of institutional control, in other words the Aggies football team ran wild on campus.


10) The University of Colorado- 2004-2005 a) Head Coach Gary Bennett gave the Golden Buffalos something extra sex, drugs, and alcohol b) Bennett making derogatory remarks all year long toward their female field goal kicker after she stated a player raped her c) Bennett resigned in 2005.


End of Part One

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