Striking at the Conciseness of America PT 2

By Gary Norris Gray BASN Staff Reporter
Updated: July 30, 2012

Gary Norris Gray BASN Staff Reporter

OAKLAND, CA. (BASN) These are the facts:


Penn State University 1998-2012 1) Penn State University was fined 60 million dollars 2) The Lions are banned from bowl games for 4 years 3) The institution loses 10 scholarships per year for 4 years 4) Five year probation service program to monitor PSU improvements 5) PSU cannot participate in Big Ten Championship Games 4 years 6) Penn State football records vacated from 1998-2011 7) Players can transfer to another school without penalty 8) Sandusky fired from football staff 9) Joe Paterno resigns from PSU 10) The statues of Joe Paterno was removed from the Stadium Florida A & M University-2011-2012 1) Drum Major Robert Champion dies in bus after hazing incident 2) Eleven people have been charged with Felony Hazing resulting in a death 3) The Marching 100 was suspended for a year pending farther review 4) FAMU President James Ammons resigns 5) Band Director Julian White fired

Burn Bernie Burn

Burn Bernie Burn

Syracuse University – 2011-2012 a) Nov. 2011 The story breaks about alleged charges of sexual misconduct by assistant coach Bernie Fine b) Bobby Davis accuses Fine started this misconduct in 1983-84 reports to the Syracuse Police Department in 2003 c) Dennis Duval was the Chief of Police in Syracuse and played basketball for Boehiem. Talk about the old boy network, This was it. d) Duval should have recuse himself for conflict of interest in the investigation e) Legally the statue of limitations had run out and unless they could find other victims the case would be closed. f) Jim Boehiem makes light of the severity of the moment at a press conference after the Orangemen played Eastern Michigan. Boehiem would state later that Davis was only out for the money alluding to the Penn. State case which was on going. Boehiem would Later apologies after pressure from victim rights advocates. The statements prove the arrogance of the male sports world and it will continue until the NCAA dismantles the power structure in the male coaching society. g) Davis and stepbrother Mike Lang file defamation lawsuit in December 2011.
Hoochie Wife??

Hoochie Wife??

This case is still pending. If the law enforcement agencies find evidence of guilt the NCAA should suspend the Syracuse Basketball Program just as they have implemented sanctions against Penn. State University. All of the students of the schools above defended their Alumni even to the point of denial which leads me to the responses received last week The following correspondence is from Syracuse University Basketball fans unedited. Jul 23 (2 days ago) to me you do know that there has never been any charges filed against Bernie Fine of Syracuse, don’t you? You do know that he has never been convicted of anything, don’t you? You do know that of the four people who claimed abuse, 2 have recanted, don’t you? The third, claims that he was never actually abused, just that fine put his on him.

Of course, this man also claimed that Fine did not put his hands on him on numerous occasions. You do know that right?? This is Bobby Davis vs Bernie fine. One person’s word vs another’s. Nothing has been proved and yet you make the moronic opinion that the school should be punished. With no proof or even filed charges. I hope no one ever accuses you of anything and you are “convicted” by someone like yourself. Murphy Jul 23 (2 days ago) to me John Murphy ( You do realize that no criminal charges have been filed against Bernie Fine, correct? You know that two accussers of Bernie Fine have admitted to making up the allegations in the wake of PSU and that they are both felons? You understand that the 2nd accusser repeatedly stated that nothing ever happened between he and Fine, until he was approached again after the PSU story broke?

Are you aware that the original accusser never made allegations against Fine until Fine demanded repayment of a loan? Are you aware that there are reports that there is a tape recording of the first accusser apologizing to Fine for making ip the allegations? Are you aware that an 8 month (and counting) Federal investigation has produce NO arrests or known new accussers? Are you aware of the concept of innocent until proven quilty? randy Jul 23 (2 days ago) to me randy foster ( Syracuse..we should make sure they did something wrong. Of course what you did wrong was fail to check your facts. As of now there is not one shred of evidence against and mountains insupport of the ‘Cuse and Mr. Fine.

Allegations and accusations are fine for the tabloids but not for serious reporters.

Regards, Randy I sent the responding email to most of the E-mail writers on this subject.

Gary Gray Jul 23 (2 days ago) to randy Syracuse got away with it because the statute of limitations ran out

Are you telling me that Coach Boeheim did not know what Mr. Fine was doing.and he lived across the street?

Come on my brother get real here absolute power corrupts absolutely And the Orangemen got away with one this time But next time it will not be so easy I stand by my story Jul 24 (1 day ago)to me What was Fine doing? Where are all the other accusers? Fine lost his job because of people like you. Just the accusation is enough to ruin someone. You have no story to stand behind.



Gary Gray Jul 24 (1 day ago) to GoOrangeGo Read the article today on basn i tried to be nice But Michael did so much better you are the blind one my friend And the NCAA will be looking into your program next so be ready randy foster Jul 23 (2 days ago)

to me Then you stand in quicksand.

Fact is no evidence of any illicit activity by Mr. Fine. Nada , nothing, zilch. Accusations and allegations are not evidence.

Get a little more information and not rumors, Gary.

You have a privilege as an author to make sure what you print is accurate, the internet always remembers and you will have to live with your own negligent comments.

Gary Gray Jul 23 (2 days ago) to randy Then explain to me why coach Boehiem retracted his statements and Fine Resigned Hello if they were not gulty Fine would have kept his job Stop it and be real Syracuse got away with it and the law is still looking into Other alligations Thank you for your time randy foster Jul 24 (1 day ago) to me Explain to me how you can be so absolutely ignorant. I come here and respectfully address you and your article and you resort to nonsense.

Boeheim was right.

Many people get fired for bad publicity.

YOU have failed to spend 10 minutes verifying anything you state.

You might actually find a great story behind the baseless allegations.

But go ahead and be an ignorant hate spewing insipid ass, you would have made an excellent Nazi.

1) This email was disrespectful and violent. as a disabled African American with Cerebral Palsy; I would have been the first one to die in the gas chambers in Germany under the Nazi Regime.

In 1935-36 the Nazi German government built the early Gas Chambers and experimented on disabled residents to see how effective they worked.

Many Disabled Germans and Poles died horrible painful deaths. THIS IS WORLD DISABLED HISTORY, but I guess Orangemen basketball is more important.

Disabled Americans still have to fight for equal justice attending universities in 1973 with limited choices. Something these young men may never experience in their lifetime.Only six national colleges accepted disabled students, if you were wheelchair users. Four of those college campuses were in the same state, California and Illinois. Adveristy changes your view of life.

One in ten Disabled African American males graduated college in 1973. It has not changed that much Neither has the racial or social attitudes changed in the United States.



And yes, the basketball program of my beloved Salukis at S.I.U. also got suspended for three years the last year of my tenure in Carbondale. The Southern Students body did not react the way they did at Penn. State or in these E-mail writers.

2) One should respect their elders at least that is what my mother and father taught me growing up in New Jersey. A person can be wrong and you have the right to disagree but to become racial, violent, and disrespectful will not help make your point.

3) Mr. Foster and the students of Syracuse should be assisting the young men that Mr. Fine has allegedly abused instead Mr. Foster is more worried about the Basketball program in Northern, New York and having a good time at the Carrier Dome on Saturdays and Monday nights. The prospect of going to March Maddness and the Final Four outweighs the moral concise.

The human fiber of this country has slipped into the gutter and when truth appears Americans try to stamp it out.

This message below was sent to all of the Syracuse letter writers and right after the E-mails stopped

Gary Gray Jul 24 (1 day ago) to John I will be printing all of the Syracuse comments sent to me the last few days in My next article hope you enjoy reading about yourself next week randy foster Jul 24 (1 day ago) to me Oh my…Auntie’m the mad man is going to print my emails.

Be careful…you might run into a real journalist.

You look desperate already and display no integrity, your hypocrisy might end up as an article on Psychiatry Journal…

However, I, would never use another without expressed written consent.


Gary Gray Jul 24 (1 day ago) to randy In case you don t know the law, once it is received BASN can do whatever it wishes with the email and they will be printed next week I gave Mr. Foster a chance to redeem himself and he becomes a child in the Wizard of Oz statement. Then you want people to take you seriously. REALLY?


If you read the first paragraphs of the article it does not name anybody individually at Syracuse University and yes, I still stand by this document because the statute of limitations had run out and no legal actions could be taken. What about the moral and ethical violations (ALLEGED) and the responsibilities of coaches who are teachers. Coaches who are leaders and are suppose to be held in a higher standard.


The Email writers tried desperately to separate the incident at Happy Valley and the alleged incidents in Northern New York. It will not work and it will catch up to the Orange, blue, and white.

Bottom line: If previously pristine Penn State University football program can get busted, so can your school, and your league. ALLEGEDLY

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