Pavlik moves ahead in his comeback and Donaire wins a big one!

By Tom Donelson, BASN boxing writer
Updated: July 9, 2012

IOWA CITY, IOWA (BASN) Kelly Pavlik continued on his comeback trail as he faced Queens’ fighter Will Rosinsky. Pavlik stayed calm in the opening round as Rosinsky looked like the energy bunny while he constantly moved and threw punches in punches but they had little effect on Pavlik.

The second round was different as Pavlik started to pound the body and in the middle of the round, he nailed Rosinsky with a quick short right hand that sent Rosinsky down and took control of the round. At the beginning of the third round, Rosinsky attacked with multiple combinations but after the first minute of the round, he looked gas and Pavlik continued to pressure Rosinsky. While Pavlik did most of the punching in the fourth, Rosinsky movement allowed him to avoid some of the more powerful punches. Pavlik went back to his corner with cut over his left eye due to a punch.

In the fifth round, Rosinsky managed to land some hard hitting rights on that Pavlik cut eye for some of the best shots of the round but Pavlik landed the harder shots to the body and head but each round was competitive even though the HBO team gave a slight advantage to Pavlik. Max Kellerman added that a case could have made that it was nearly an even match after six.

Starting in the seventh round and thru the ninth round, Kelly Pavlik dominated those rounds with his body shots and occasional right to the head but Rosinsky had his moments, unleashing combinations that forced Pavlik to stop for brief moments and play defenses.

Pavlik continued to pursue Rosinsky, who gave a good account of his self as he threw combinations but Pavlik body shots and pressure proved to be decisive as he won unanimous decision.

Rosinsky is not an elite boxer but a game fighter who showed he was competitive with a former world champion.

As for Pavlik, he continues his quest for a title but the question, will he be able to compete with the elites of boxing deepest division. Pavlik looked vulnerable to Rosinsky movement and right hands.

Nonito Donaire put his version of the super bantamweight against Jeffrey Mathebula, who was a 5’11” tall fighter. This was a fight between a tall boxer against a smaller, slick boxer who needed to use all his skills to gain inside a fighter 5 inches taller. In the first round, Mathebula jab did very little to stop Donarie as Donaire managed to land some solid punches against the taller Mathebula.

Through the first two rounds, Mathebula threw twice as many punches and Donaire connected on higher percentages of punches so a pattern was developing early as Mathebula potshot from the afar whereas Donaire managed to land some shots on the inside.

In the third round, Donaire threw his left hook with abandon but it was leaving him open for Mathebula jab. In the fourth round, Donaire found a place for his power shots not just to the head but to the body as he nailed Mathebula consistently.

Mathebula jab managed to reddened Donaire’s face but with seconds left in the round, Donaire left hook sent Mathebula to the canvas and only the bell saved Mathebula as he got up as the round ended.

In the fifth round saw Mathebula connect with some right hands as Donaire moved straight in but in the final minute, Donaire landed the heavier punches or as HBO Kellerman noted, heavier arsenal. For the first two minutes of the sixth round Mathebula managed to connects on several right hands and while he got nailed with some power shots from Donaire, this was his best round over the first six rounds. Mathebula reputation was that of a fighter who got stronger as the fight goes on and now it was time for Mathebula to make that comeback.

In a competitive seven round, Donaire started to jab to get through the taller Mathebula and managed to neutralize some of Mathebula’s jabs and forced Mathebula to retreat. In the eighth and ninth round, Mattebula showed discipline whereas Donaire failed to use his jab to set up power shots and this allowed Mattebula to stay in the fight and possibly steal rounds.

With two rounds left, Mattebula jab started to neutralize Donaire’s power shot and according to Harold Lederman’s card, it became close fight with Mattebula within striking range.

Donaire used his jab in the eleventh round and a right hand to Mattebula’s nose and for the next minute and half; Mattebula didn’t throw a punch as he looked like something was broken with that right hand. (Mattebula suffered a cracked tooth.)

Donaire went on a search and destroy for the first half of the round but Mattebula managed to land some solid rights but Donaire stunned Mattebula with a left that forced Mattebula to retreat. Donaire shot one punch after another as Mattebula retreated, trying to survive.

Donaire won a unanimous decision and while the judge had the fight in Donaire’s favor by wide margin; the fight was closer even though the judges had the right winner. Donaire showed himself to be a power puncher in the 122 pounds but he failed to use his jab effectively to set up his punches, but his power punches won the fight even though he was outpunch based on compubox.