By Gary Norris Gray BASN Staff Reporter
Updated: July 19, 2012

Gary Norris Gray BASN Staff Reporter

Why blame the TEAM? Blame Jerry and Joe!!

Why blame the TEAM? Blame Jerry and Joe!!

OAKLAND, CA. (BASN)—This is a reality check for the NCAA. The Administrators in Kansas City are so focused on their four team football playoff bowl program that they are not dealing with the current ethical and moral problems occurring on the campuses across the country. Maybe the NCAA will earn their salaries now because they might have to clean the houses of many other football programs.



The recent incidents on the campuses of The Ohio State University, The University of Florida, Penn. State University, Syracuse University, and in the Historically Black College and University (HBCU) Florida A&M University is tragic. These signs should be a signal that there are problems on our campuses of higher learning, these legal problems that should be rectified.



The Hazing death of a FAMU Rattler Drum Major, the selling of players uniforms in Ohio State University, and the sexual abuse of children on campus of PSU, and Syracuse University. Sadly universities officials tried to cover up these improprieties instead of disciplining the alleged offenders immediately.



It created a monster, a monster out of control. This monster might be turning on the NCAA if it does not control these growing problems. The recent episode at Happy Valley and Syracuse University was a distinct wakeup call for the NCAA executives in Kansas City. The recently released FBI report became public. That report stated that there was a systematic system of cover up at Penn State, FAMU, Ohio State, and Syracuse from the college presidents down. Especially the football program of PSU and the basketball program at Syracuse. The programs were more important than the children. We are living in very perilrious time when a college sports program is more important than young human lives.



Well, I guess GOP Presidential Canidate, Mitt Romney was right when he stated that corporations are indeed humans and have the same rights. Ladies and gentlemen university football and basketball programs are not corporations.



The Gray Leopard Cove called for the Death Penalty for the Nittany Lion Football Program a year ago, the call has gotten stronger and louder.


PSU should get the death penalty and should lose their football scholarships for at least three years minimum and 14 years maximum for every known child that was abused. Some sports fans want to take the programs completely away from PSU and Syracuse.



In the past the NCAA had to implement and enforce the Death Penalty on the Southern Methodist University Football Program in 1987. The SMU Alumni and Boosters gave money and other items to players. The Flying Mustangs had unfair advantage with players wanting to attend SMU to play football and get those fringe benefits.



The SMU program was reinstated in 1990. The Mustang Football Program finally recovered five years ago with their first winning season and a bowl appearance three years ago.The offense at Happy Valley are more serious, it is a moral and ethical issue and they should be punished.



The SMU case hurt the players, boosters, and alumni but the PSU incident has far reaching consequences with years and years of abuse and cover up by the Penn State University Staff and administration. Two decades of abusing children who could not defend themselves. It was the good old boy network in process. This is the ultimate example of privilege and it’s disgusting and disgraceful.


The NCAA needs to clean up its act and quickly. They have to at least suspend the Penn State University football program for three years and the University has to clean house by 1) Firing all of the coaches associated with the incident 2) Losing scholarships for three years 3) Allowing the current football players to transfer to another schools to finish the rest of their eligible time 4) no off campus recruiting for three years 5) No bowl game appearances or televised games for three years. In other words the Penn State football program should cease to exist.



They should not be allowed potential on campus scholarship visitations for another three years. The penalty should be more severe than the SMU program because the crime and cover-up happens to be more severe than the Mustang Football infractions.


If this does not transpire it sends a signal to those who want to break existing NCAA rules it is ok to do so. Business as usual. The NCAA has to act or many college football fans will lose faith in the institution.



Many Penn. State University alumni, ex-football players, and Nittany Lion fans state that the members of the football team should not be punished for the crimes of the administration and the games should continue at Happy Valley.


Stating the football players did not participate in the alleged crime committed

That was the same argument SMU stated in 1986.It did not convince Americans or the NCAA legal counsel then and it will not persuade them today.


There is the last important issue that nobody wants to talk about, when did Penn. State University, Joe Paterno, ESPN, The Big Ten Television Network, and ABC Sports know about these incidents? When were they going to report the incidents? These two questions revert back to the beginning of this article,issues of money, college football, and the university was more important than protecting children. Children that were under Penn. State’s custodial care.



What does that say about our American society and our country’s moral fiber?



As a Penn State football fan “WE ARE PENN STATE”, rings hollow.

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