Mark Sanchez is Expendable . . . .

By Desi Cortez BASN Columnist
Updated: July 3, 2012

DENVER, CO (BASN)–The New York Jets decided a-while back Senor Mark Sanchez was . . . expendable. And not only that, they had the revelation Little Lord Tim Tebow could walk on water – the culmination of both epiphanies have produced the horrific plane crash we’re all going to stand in the terminal and eyewitness. For what reasons did the Jets come to such an horrific end? Here, in a nutshell; Sanchez, who I like and obviously has the skills to take the Jets to the stars, today lacks seasoning, he didn’t pay his dues at USC, and in his first two NFL seasons, the victories, the fame n’ fortune which comes along with it, came all too easy for the Cisco Kid.

Now, after last year’s . . . debacle we’re seeing, and Sanchez is experiencing first-hand . . . the wrath of the court-of-public-opinion – the fans, along with players, team brass and the guys in the gallery like me, many don’t have any problems slap-pin; Mark around, back-handing and bitch-slappin him all the way to the end of the Jets’ bench, holding a clipboard for “The Messiah.” So if Sanchez fails to walk out there on the green landing-strip, kick the tires, n’ lite the fires, if he appears merely average . . . that’s it. May Day! May day!, #6 is on fire, I repeat, # 6 is on fire!! Most of you are too-young to remember Audie Murphy, and perhaps even John Wayne, but that’s who Tim Tebow will walk onto the stage which is the NFL as, he’ll enter the male soap opera that far too many American males are addicted to as a super-duper, duper hero. Captain White-Man . . . . And we can all agree the NFL, Major Sports, College sports dominate American Culture, and that its well discussed how the US is engaged in a “cultural war,” an informal battle for the “who n’ what” is “Americana.” The official “feel, flavor n’ taste” is up for debate. In that conflict Tim Tebow has become the official “Great White Hope” for the White sports-fan. There’s a deep, and I say d-e-e-p yearning across these non-debatable not-so United States of America that Tebow demonstrate to all who “the Man” really is. It’s the identical, identical I say desire you saw with Adolf Hitler in the 1936 Berlin Olympics, his hope that his Aryan warriors would put all the Mongrels of the world, including the US’s Negroes back in their proper inferior places. Once again, the same hope this nation had when Jim Jeffries got his ass handed to him by the Great Jack Johnson. Tebow is Tarzan, and he’s needed to restore the “natural order of things to the jungle . . . “ At least that’s what the supposed guardians of the game think, those who hope that when someone says “NFL” you think Peyton, Brady, Sutton, Ponder, Tebow, Luck . . . not Manning, Brady, Freeman, Sanchez, Newton, Griffin; the face of the NFL, is supposed to be a White guy, some alpha male “King of the apes . . .” leading the Black barbarians into a fictional battle. Translation; there’s little more love for “the help,” Sanchez then there is for Donny McNabb or Tavaris Jackson; he ain’t White, he ain’t from Mobile Alabama or Connecticut, no, he’s from East LA via The Viva Valley, he’s bronzed and Catholic, and there are those who’ll argue . . . in his inner-family there’re illegal aliens from Planet Mexico, here in the US, who God forbid, don’t speak the Queens tongue, and they’re stealing the American Dream away from “real” Americans. In America today, there’s no love for “Sanchez s'”, and what love there is for Mark, pales, p-a-l-e-s in comparison to the love, admiration, wonderment and astonishment held across the land for the Chosen One, Tebow. In Mainstreet USA – there’s little empathy for the plight of the Mexican who ventures across the desert, as the Italians/Poles/Mics and Germans did across the 7seas . . . a-l-l in-search of the ever elusive American Way of life.. No instead there appears to be a contemptible cold-shoulder being given Latinos, If the “No Dogs/No Mexicans” signs are not being rehung yet, the “unwelcome” mat is surely being placed on the US’s Southern border. Ponder this; The racial integration of sports have turned Tebow into what Larry Bird was, Peyton Hillis is, what Jerry Cooney was . . . a Great White Hope. Tebow is the culmination of dozens of “wet dreams” over the last half-century – all-rolled into one Christian Soldier who can damn near run like a brother . . . but throws like Bobby Douglass, And most agree I need-not emphasize the role of his personal relationship with his Lord n’ Savior Jesus Christ, for it is truly the wearing of his religion upon his shoulder-pads that is the lightning-rod which sparks the discussion/debate/argument from Alaska to Nebraska, Fargo to Key Largo, even LA to Bombay – the controversy percolates from the pigskin Bible Tebow totes around and endlessly touts. Skip Bayless, please enlighten me, tell me when the American Sports writer stopped recognizing there was a-never-ending quest to locate Great White Hopes . . .? When did the search become unspoken-about? Because if we could confess their was such an official search, and remains such an unofficial search . . . then I think we’d better understand why there remains discrimination laws in our country? Mark Sanchez may join the likes of Vince Young, McNabb, Culpepper guys who can’t get a gig in the league, they’re excluded from participating – but yet Indy had Chris Painter behind center last year . . .. McNabb is better then both the cats playing in the Painted Desert. Please recall, Kevin Kolb is prefabricated and man-made by a press corp who was inflating him to mythical proportions which the then 2nd string Vick was meant to not measure-up to. Atlanta’s Matty Ice is too a by-product, anothe r Great White Hope anointed the Golden Boy, well before he deserved it, to justify his Captain American presence and to erase Vick’s dark, dark exodus. Mark Sanchez thought he too was being anointed, i.e., given the Signal Caller position for the New York, New York Jets football franchise – he thought wrong, he thought, for a moment . . . he was White. New York, New York . . . so-nice, they named it twice . . . . Mark, call Jim Plunkett, talk to him, call former Oakland head coach, Tom Flores or call the City Of Angels Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and seek enlightenment, because son, I believe you forgot what it’s like to be a Latino in an Anglo country; you too, like the Black man, must come-early, and stay-late, burn the candle on both ends . . . well into the midnite hour, be twice as good, because if you’re not, and there’s any reason/excuse to pull your brown behind . . . You may not dig this, but dig this; when a Black player walks out of the room, and the Good ol’ boy fraternity calls him a “coon,” Mr Sanchez, when you walk out, they call you a dumb-ass, lazy spic. Mark you know this, your father and his brothers have told you this all your life. If you don’t wake up, and do more then show-up, they’re going to hand you your ass in a cracked-helmet, and hand the controls to the “13th disciple,” Tim. It may take you years, a decade, a career to get back to a NFL Conference Championship contest, step-up son, don’t make it easy for them to give your job to a poster-boy for White Supremacy.