Kidd Looking to do Grown up Things with Knicks

By Jerald Levon Hoover BASN Staff Writer
Updated: July 15, 2012

Has Father Time or booze caught up with Jason Kidd

Has Father Time or booze caught up with Jason Kidd

NEW YORK, NY (BASN)— – It took former Knicks President Donnie Walsh about 3 years to try and obtain Marcus Camby and Jason Kidd. New GM Glen Grunwald who actually worked under the hand of Walsh one offseason to land them both. But, did they arrive a few years too late? Time will tell. However, in this new age of sports jocks and with modern medicine, over inflated sneakers, team training staffs and the players themselves really taking care of their bodies with nutrition and watching what they eat, the new 30 is the new twenty.

That said it’s quite possible that as Kidd, 39 years old said recently at his Knicks press conference, “I feel like I’m 28 years old. My body feels good.” Kidd was looking to come off the bench and mentor Jeremy Lin until Lin signed his offer sheet with the Houston Rockets but now will mentor Raymond Felton and Iman Shumpert as he said, “I’d like to be in the game at the last 6 minutes of the game.” However, If Kidd can turn back the clock and play at 85 to 90 percent of where he was say 5 or 6 years ago, the Knicks will be getting a major gift. Even if he’s not quite at that level, he can still be better than half the point guards in the League based on his experience and overall intangibles.

With all that Kidd brings to the table even at his advanced age, will that now stunt the growth of Felton or Shumpert? Could Kidd’s penchant of getting guys involved at a more experienced rate play better in the hand of All-star Carmelo Antony and thus he prefers to play with Kidd as opposed to Lin? Could Lin take Kidd’s presence as a positive as opposed to a threat to his young Linsanity legacy?

Now it looks all those questions won’t be answered

Those and other questions will have to wait and be dealt with after 2 things happen for the Knicks, the first one is matching the offer sheet the Houston Rockets signed Lin to a few weeks ago. And lastly, if Lin come back did he take the time to develop his game from top to bottom. Did he watch a lot of film over the summer? Did he work on going left, his weak side? Although it is decent but did he work even harder on his jump-shot. And also, is he truly confident that his knee is 100 percent healed and he’s willing to go hard from the onset?

Kidd can have a great affect on not just Lin if they can bond well, but also on Iman Shumpert (who will be out of action until at least December with a knee injury) and his development. Kidd, pound for pound is one of the smarter players in the NBA and his court savvy and locker-room leadership will be invaluable. Shumpert has the tools to be an All-star and if he can ever get and stay for prolonged periods of time, look out.