Friday Night at the Fights

By Tom Donelson, BASN boxing writer
Updated: July 22, 2012

IOWA CITY, IOWA-(BASN)—Undefeated Cesar Vazquez faced Juan Carlos Burgos in a major test for the young Vazquez on Friday Night Fights. In the opening bout, Aron Martinez challenged the taller boxer, Prenice Brewer in a battle of welterweights. Brewer stayed on the outside as he moved out of harms’ way, while Martinez did not move inside over the first three minutes. Over the last minute of the second round, Martinez connected with a left hook as he forced Brewer to retreat. This punch changed the fight and from there, Martinez dominated the pace.

In the fifth round, both stood toe to toe as Martinez body shots slowed Brewer enough to stop Brewer mobility. Martinez ripped left hooks to the body whereas Brewer played defense. Brewer tried to counter but he did not have the power to keep Martinez off. In the seventh round, Brewer went straight back in retreat and got nailed by a right hand and Martinez continued to pressure. This was a fight that real estate determined the fight as Brewer needed to fight on the outside but by the fourth round, Brewer no long moved and Martinez fought on the inside. This fight was fought on Martinez’s terms. Martinez won a split decision but this was a fight that was wider in the ring than on the scorecard.

Burgos risked everything as he faced an unknown undefeated fighter. Burgos was a ranked as one of the top three in the various sanctioning bodies and a loss could set his career back. For Vazquez, this was an opportunity in his first fight in the United States and in the opening stanza, Burgos got caught by a couple of right hands.

The second round saw a series of exchanges as Burgos nailed Vasquez with a solid hook that stopped Vasquez for a brief moment but shortly afterward that Vasquez nailed Burgos with two right hands and trapped him on the rope. Vasquez looked like he belong in the big time after two rounds, and for the first minute, Vasquez came out but a Burgos left hook hurt Vasquez and then he followed with a series of power punches that simply overwhelmed Vasquez. A left hook and right hand send Vasquez head spinning 180 degrees and this lead the referee, Tony Weeks, to stop the fight. Burgos made his point that he is still one of the top.


In the SHOBOX: Next Generation featured Roman Morales starting the evening events fighting Alexis Santiago. In the first round, it appeared Morales was the heavy hitter. Morales banged Santiago body throughout the second and third round which included knocking Santiago down for the first time in his career. Morales delivered a beautiful crisp and short uppercut and that punch sent Santiago down in the third.

At the end of the fourth round, Morales punctuated the round with a solid right hand and left hook to conclude the round. By the fifth round, Morales drained Santiago mobility and started to break Santiago down. As the seventh round concluded, Santiago proved to be a game fighter; but his face started to swell and bruise. The eighth round saw Morales on the attack unleashing one power punch after another and while Santiago managed a counter punch or two; this was Morales round like the other seventh rounds.

The undefeated Art Hovhannisyan faced his toughest test against Miguel Acosta. Over the first two minutes and 50 seconds, little happened with maybe Hovhannisyan landing one flurry, but Hovhannisyan landed an overhand right that sent Acosta down for an eight count . Acosta legs were still not steady as he moved toward his corner and Acosta began the round on his bicycle to avoid another power right hand. At the end of the second round, Acosta landed a solid right that hurt Hovhannisyan for the first time in the fight. The third and fourth round saw Acosta retreat and occasionally throwing punches with Hovhannisyan following his prey and occasionally landing a power shot or two.

In the fifth round, Acosta right sent Hovhannisyan down for a flash knockdown with a solid right as Hovhannisyan hands touch the mat. Acosta forced Hovhannisyan to retreat in the sixth round as Acosta nailed his opponent with one right hand after another. Acosta landed at least seven or eight right hands as he found a punch that he could deliver and connect. Going into the final two rounds, Acosta managed to overcome a bad start and appeared in position to pull an upset as he used his experience to adapt to what in what was in front of him.

During the ninth round, Acosta moved and jab but he did not really connect on a series of punches but Hovhannisyan pursued his prey but unable to connect either. The final round saw Acosta moving around to avoid the big punch but Hovhannisyan managed to connect with some solid right hand but both men literally nailed each other with solid shots over the last minute. This was a fight that was hard to score and a case could have been for either fighter. Hovhannisyan won a split decision but it could have easily gone Acosta way. Hovhannisyan showed vulnerability to mobile fighters; and he often fail to cut off the ring .Nor did he employ a consistent body attack to slow Acosta down but he managed to stay undefeated.