Federer’s back on Top

By Richard Kent BASN Writer
Updated: July 9, 2012
A Tennis Title on her mind...

A Tennis Title on her mind...

CONNECTICUT (BASN) The King is still King. It took a while to come back but Roger Federer, in notching his 17th major and 7th Wimbledon is no. 1 in the world again. And no. 1 in the toughest era in this sport’s grand history.

Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal step aside. Federer did all the work this year, winning crown after crown while his two younger foes sat out some tournaments.

It was well worth it for Federer.

You may ask, how can he be the greatest ever when he has a losing record against Nadal. 18-10 for Nadal. But Nadal is 12-2 on clay, his greatest surface. Besides that, Federer has a winning record against him.

Andy Murray, the Wimbledon runner-up had a winning record against Federer also entering the Final, but not in Grand Slams and especially Grand Slam Finals.
Djokovic had the greatest year ever in tennis in 2011, but this year holds only the Australian Open title and is now 75 points behind Federer in the quest for no. 1.
So what does all of this tell us. First, Federer is the greatest of all time. Only Rod Laver, with his two calendar slams is close and Laver would tell you that Federer is the best.
What will the rest of the year bring us? Only the Olympics and the US Open matter. The Olympics will be played at Wimbledon on grass, Federer’s best surface. And he has never won a singles Gold. Just a doubles Gold. The matches, until the possible five set final will be two out of three sets and that will help Federer’s soon to be 31 year old body.

Federer wants Gold, but he also wants the US Open title, beginning August 27. Last year he had two match points against Djokovic until divine intervention intervened and Djokovic hit a miracle winner to best Federer.

The Open will be tougher with the New York heat and the five set format, but Federer has been great there in the past and he set his sights on that win virtually in his press conference after the Djokovic loss.
We told you a while back about Taylor Townsend, the young American from Atlanta. She continued her quest to greatness by winning the girls’ doubles. At 16 years old she will be a factor in the US Open Juniors and the pro’s for many years to come.