Big Night on Draft Day for NBA

By Jerald Levon Hoover BASN Staff Writer
Updated: July 13, 2012

NEW YORK, NY (BASN)— – With the first pick of the NBA Draft the New Orleans Hornet select Anthony Davis out of the University of Kentucky. That was virtually a foregone conclusion that Davis was going number one. But the real questions and answers came from basically number 2 through number 60, the last selection of the draft.

Michael Kidd-Gilchrist went to the beleaguered Charlotte Bobcats who only won 7 games out of 66 total games. Yes, that is a very big YIKES moment if you’re counting. And after winning the NCAA Championship as a Kentucky Wildcat along with Davis, he will experience losing and losing a whole lot.

Dwight Howard on again off again trade to anywhere is now off again. The people in the Orlando Magic organization better hope he doesn’t go Latrell Sprewell on somebody. The prudent thing to do however is for Howard to show up in terrific shape (he’s built like a Greek god as it is) and play his heart out as a professional and see what happens when the trade deadline comes. That’s of course if he doesn’t get traded to the Los Angeles Lakers before the season starts. Wow, see how crazy this is?

The Miami Heat signed long time Boston Celtic sharp shooter Ray Allen (taking less money in the process). There’s a growing sentiment that Allen took the easy way out, adding to that phrase: ‘if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.’ Some NBA players notably Jarrett Jack labeled Allen who took his talents to South Beach, a ‘traitor.’ There’s also the classic new name for Allen: Judas Shuttlesworth as in a play off of the name Jesus Shuttlesworth from the movie, “He Got Game” directed by famed director Spike Lee. It remains to be seen as well as much see TV when the Heat play the Celtics.

After a serious attempt by the New York Knicks, Steve Nash citing family concerns decided to ply his passing and splendid shooting skills to Los Angeles. No, not to the Clippers silly, but to the much hated Los Angeles Lakers he went. What is this, join up with the enemy year?

The New York Knicks have restocked and restacked quite nicely as well as the Brooklyn Nets with the resigning of both Deron Williams and Gerald Wallace and the trading for All-star two guard, Joe Johnson. The Knicks brought back, J.R. Smith, sharp shooter deluxe, Steve Novak and will undoubtedly bring back Jeremy Lin who signed an offer sheet from the Houston Rockets. But, the real big get are two-fold in center and former Knick, Marcus Camby and future hall of famer, Jason Kidd. Sure both players are long in the tooth as far as basketball age, 38 and 39 respectively, but in today’s NBA, 40 seems like the new thirty.

Camby will be a major help to Tyson Chandler at center and even back up power forward. He’s an excellent (not just good, but excellent) rebounder and shot blocker.

Too bad there’s still a whole summer of NBA this and that before the first jump ball at the end of October. Stay tuned however as we will be guiding you throughout the journey of this wild process.