The NBA top picks 2012

By Richard Kent BASN Writer
Updated: June 29, 2012

Like father, Like son

Like father, Like son

NEW YORK, NY (BASN)1.Anthony Davis-Hornets, What can you say? The best player in the draft and a difference maker. Huge wing span. A must no. 1 pick.He was a guard as a sophomore in high school and still has those skills with the ball in the open court. He should start right from the get go. Grade A

2.Michael Kidd-Gilchrist-Bobcats, Now Kentucky is the only school to ever have 1-2. UCLA once had 1 and 3. He is great player and plays hard. Bailed out Kentucky a few times.The bobcats were woeful last year and new coach Mike Dunlap is committed to run like John Calipari. Kidd-Gilchrist is the right player for this philosophy. Grade A
3.Bradley Beal-Wizards, He can shoot it. A bit like Ray Allen.His defense is a bit suspect and the wizards already have some depth at his position. A questionable pick at 3. Grade B
4.Dion Waiters-Cavaliers, Strange pick. Never started a game his senior season at Syracuse. Is a tough kid from Philly but needs more skill on defense. Will be a role player next year. Grade B
5.Thomas Robinson-Kings, The kid has character.Suffered great personal tragedies last season yet perservered and is now raising his young sister. She will move to California with him. A solid citizen. He will be better in the pros than in college. Great intensity. His skills are improving. Grade B plus
6.Damian Lillard-Trail Blazers, Never played against a top 25 team his senior season at Weber State in the Big Sky. Strong minded and mature. Great shooting range.The question is how will he perform, especially on defense against NBA level players. Grade B
7. Harrison Barnes-Warriors, A steal. He may end up being one of the top 3 players in the draft. Can play 3 positions and a great college pedigree at UNC. Was a system player there and must adjust to more free lancing. Grade B plus
8.Terrence Ross- Raptors, A bit of a surprise also. May not be ready for pro ball yet. He will need some time in the pros to adjust to the rigors of a long season and the physical play. Grade B
9. Andre Drummond-Pistons, The kid is an athlete but can’t shoot. Not even from the free throw line. Might be a year away from the NBA offensively.His favorite shot at UConn was the dunk. He needs to develop range and learn how to stay in front of the player he is guarding. Grade B
10. Austin Rivers-Hornets, Doc Rivers son. He is well drilled for the NBA even if he will have to play against his father. Has a great handle. Knocked down many key shots for Duke down the stretch. He also may be a better pro than college player as he will excel as a free lancer. Grade B

Biggest drop- Jared Sullinger all the way down to no. 21 because of back issues.
Biggest rise-Fab Melo from Syracuse. His play in the NCAA’s helped.