The 2012 NBA Championship

By Gary Norris Gray BASN Staff Reporter
Updated: June 15, 2012

Gary Norris Gray BASN Staff Reporter

1st NBA Championship

1st NBA Championship

OAKLAND, CA. (BASN)There is more here than the eyes can see.

He's a nice kid but he'll have to wait for next year

He's a nice kid but he'll have to wait for next year

The Miami Heat are being called the anti-establishment while the Oklahoma City Thunder have become America’s basketball media darlings.


Like the Wild, Wild, West, The Heat are the bad guys wearing the Black hats while the Oklahoma City Thunder are the good guys with wings on their backs, riding white stallions to rescue the National Basketball Association from the Evil Empire of South Beach, Florida.


LeBron James is the player everybody loves to hate just as Michael Vick. While Kevin Durant is the player you would take home to your parents; don’t introduce him to your daughter. Durant is mild mannered, polite, and willing to please.


No matter how many championships the Miami Heat win, if any at all, they will never be in the hearts or minds of the American basketball fan because this team changed the rules.(Even tho they played by the rules). The Miami Heat have big egos, The Heat are arrogant, they are cocky, they have to be taken down a peg to teach them a lesson.


The last time I checked egos, cockiness, or being arrogant never won championships. Playing fundamental basketball on the floor wins titles.


The Thunder continues to win hearts and minds. The exception basketball fans in the great northwest (Seattle) who lost their beloved Supersonics years ago.


The disdain for the Heat is so strong that many intelligent basketball fans miss the talents of these gifted athletes.


Last year The Miami Heat played the Dallas Mavericks for the NBA Title and America rooted for the Texas Team. A year before basketball fans did not like Dallas because of their vocal, rebellious team owner Mark Cuban. Cuban was repeatedly fined by the commissioner for complaining about referee calls. Cuban stated that there was a conspiracy and that the Mavs would never win the championship. Well, playing the Miami Heat in 2011 cured that problem.


The Mavericks had an underachieving center Dirk Nowitzki, from Germany who could not guide his team past the third round. Last year most of America became Mavs fans not because they liked Dallas but because they despised Miami. The Dallas Mavericks were the lesser of two evils.


At the beginning of this season The Dallas Mavericks raised their championship banner and then disappeared the rest of the season. Then were politely bounced out of the playoffs by the Oklahoma City Thunder.


The four letter world network had a poll before this year’s Championship series started asking who would win. 49 states picked Oklahoma City and only one state, Florida picked the Heat. Question who did they call?


The sports media will remind everybody of the hour and half four letter word network broadcast of LeBron James “Decision”.


The sports media will start each season with the same old video of Cleveland Cavalier fans burning LeBron James uniforms. Distraught Cav fans hitting the streets throwing number 23 uniforms in the nearest trash bin. Ripping up LeBron posters and calling James every name in the book.


LeBron James carried The Cleveland Cavaliers for six years guided them to Eastern Conference Championships and one NBA Finals. All over the country young men, black, white, red, and brown put on the red and yellow number 23 jersey.


Cleveland was in the news and making money for the club each season.


LeBron James donated the money earned from that now famous broadcast to different charities for children in the greater Cleveland area but everybody seems to forget. Convenient amnesia. That all got lost in the hate fest in the Ohio town.


Each year America will be reminded of the video of the new South Beach Big Three (James, Wade and Bosh) appearing up through the fog on a rising platform with their new white Heat uniforms with music playing in the background. This will not end until LeBron James either wins the championship, retires or both.


Kevin Durant like many young basketball stars has learned the secrets of media basketball world and how to make him a better player in America’s eyes.


Durant is the new kid on the block with the high flying Oklahoma City Thunder. Durant is the gentlemen everybody’s looking for and praising. Seeking out his mother after every game like a good son should.


The media is not satisfied and cannot leave a good thing alone.

Already reporters from the 4 letter word network are trying to pit Thunder teammates against each other. These “bright” intelligent reporters want to see basketball Black on Black crime.


This is the nearest to the Chicago Bull tandem (Jordan-Pippen) you’re ever going to see, why mess with it? Westbrook and Durant could be turning the page in NBA history. But to this new breed of Sports media reporters they want to get their names in the news and would create troubled waters to get their mission accomplished instead of getting the story correct, instead of stating the facts.


Will the Oklahoma City Thunder 3-Peat? Only time will reveal that answer.

It is very impressive that these young men have already learned how the media circus works. Westbrook and Durant are ignoring the negative articles and the broadcast that appeared. Maybe more athletes need to do the same. This nonsense would stop because the material needed would not exist.


The Bristol, Connecticut network broadcasters invoked the oldest and distasteful tactic in the United States(Slavery). The more one runs away from history the more history smacks them in the face. The American Sports media, the NBA, and sports fans are dealing with this issue this week because of these callous reporters.


The HOUSE Negro and the FIELD Negro slave conflict.

Kevin Durant being the house Negro, and LeBron James the field Negro. These so called reporters want James to scream, my name is Tobe not Kunta Kinte. James is the Mandingo Warrior that America loves to watch from a distance, but afraid of his mental capacities and is a conceived threat because of his physical appearance.


Remember the house Negro stated, IS WE SICK BOSS? when the master was sick and would help the master get well.. The field Negro did not care and would see the master’s house burning to the ground. The field Negro saw this as an opportunity to walk away to freedom…


The house Negro and the field Negro fought for freedom and achieved it different ways. The house Negro used his mind to free himself while the field Negro used his physical skills. Over two hundred and fifty years later it has not changed much. Just ask the current resident in the White House.


LeBron James broke the code of conduct; James did what he wanted after he was a free agent. No, what LeBron was saying is that he wanted to be a free Negro. The owners, The General Managers, and Television executives, did not like it because they were not in control of a players future just as it was 250 years ago.

James did the unthinkable, controlling his career. He was a free Negro and America continues to fumed.


Kevin Durant signed an extension with the Oklahoma City Thunder at the beginning of this season. Durant did so without fan fare, without hip hop music, and without the TV cameras. This is what owners, general managers, and television producers and directors want a quiet charming Negro.

A Negro America loves because he conformed to the rules, he conformed to the establishment protocols.


LeBron James might be paying for “THE DECISION”.


While Kevin Durant wins Championships quietly in Oklahoma City.



P.S. I have much love for Kevin Durant and his talent on the basketball floor and his respect for his family.

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