Last Friday Night

By Tom Donelson, BASN boxing writer
Updated: June 26, 2012

IOWA CITY, IOWA (BASN)In the opening bout, the undefeated Brandon Gonzalez fought Eric Augustama, a self-managed fighter. The taller Augustama started boxing but the battle quickly evolved into a grind it out inside game. In the third round, Augustama started to jab to get away from the grind it fight and had some successes as he at least avoided the accurate Gonzalez’s uppercut. This lasted for two minute before Gonzalez got back inside. Gonzalez started to hurt Augustama with uppercut sin the last minutes of the fourth round as he stayed on Augustama chest.
Going into the seventh round, Gonzalez was winning easy or I should say, winning easily in the ring even though Augustama allowed himself a little room, he found that he could connect with a couple of rights. Over the last minute of the eighth and final round, Gonzalez unleashed a series of body shots that led to solid uppercuts and left hooks to the head. Augustama survived those last minutes. The judges gave Gonzalez all eight rounds and maybe the news of this fight that the referees got the decisions right without controversy.
The main event featured Mike Dallas and Javier Castro in a fight that had meanings for both fighters. A win could move either fighter up the ratings and lost could send their career spiraling downward. Dallas used quickness to move in and out of Castro reach.
The second and third round, Dallas speed countered Castro advantages, his pressure game. Castro could never truly trapped Dallas but both men were bloodied by head butts in the third round. Going into the second half of the fight, Dallas quickness was allowing not just to escape, but also on occasions, unleashing vicious combinations.
Halfway in the sixth round, Dallas right hand stunned Castro and as Castro retreated, Dallas nailed Castro two big rights that twisted Castro’s head. Dallas nailed Castro with a combination as Castro retreated to the rope. Castro could not defend himself and the referee stopped the fight. Dallas looked impressive and matured as a fighter as he improved and learned from past losses. For Dallas, this impressive performance will get him noticed in the light welterweight division.
On a why boxing is in trouble, Ted Atlas noted that the former Balco head, Vince Conte was involved in providing supplements to fighters including Gonzalez. No fighters was tested for any Performance enhancing drug but considering that one of Conte’s client, Andre Berto, was caught with steroids; one is left with the question, why is this guy anywhere near any fighter?
Speaking of steroids, Antonio Tarver was caught with steroids after his last fight for his cruiserweight title fight. This may be the end of Tarver’s career but for boxing, it is another black eye with yet another champion caught with performance enhancing drugs. Two big fights canceled and a champion may lose his title; all in the past year! Throw in the various bad decisions in big events including Paquiao-Bradley. 2012 is the year that boxing keeps stepping on its toe.