By Eric D.Graham
Updated: June 6, 2012

1. Did you watch the NBA Lottery last night?

Yes, I watched it and the fix is on. Plus, I bet you $2 million that Adam Silver can’t play a lick of basketball. I betcha.

2. Grits or Oatmeal?


3. Do you like watching female Tennis?

No, I hate watching female tennis. But, I love to watch Venus Williams hit a tennis ball in her tiny booty shorts. Accuse me for being honest.

4. Did you go to a Family Reunion this Memorial Day Weekend?

Yes, I attended my family reunion. And, there was a lot of praying, drinking, card-playing and Pork. A lot of pork….

5. When the Jehovah Witness knock on your door, what do you do?

I lock the door and hide under the bed and pray they go away after 20 minutes.

6. Did you see the San Antonio Spurs versus the Oklahoma Thunder game last night?

I hated to watch it but I loved what I saw. The Thunder are good.

7. Is Danny Granger a tough guy?

No, Danny Granger is a fake tough guy. Besides, he is clean shaven and has a face softer than a baby’s bottom.

8. When will Chris Posh return to the starting line-up?

He will return to the starting line-up in 9 months. Besides, everybody knows he is pregnant.

9. Do you think Dwight Howard should’ve gotten mad at the Pacers Lance Stephenson for making a choke sign while Lebron James was trying to shoot free throws?

No, Juwan Howard shouldn’t have gotten mad at Lance Stephenson for making the choke sign. But he should’ve gotten mad at Chris Webber when he called time-out against UNC in the NCAA championship game.

10. Did you see the Miami Heat lose to the Boston Celtics Tuesday night?

No, I was in my bathroom with the door lock, sitting on the toilet, reading some of my uncle’s old Jet magazines.

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