By Eric D. Graham BASN columnist
Updated: June 28, 2012

NORTH CAROLINA, (BASN)–1. Who should Tim Tebow marry?

Track Star Lolo Jones…She’s a virgin too.

2. If you were a music producer, do you want Talent or Beauty?

Talent. Because beauty fades. But Talent, last forever.

3. Who would win an one-on-one game to 21 between Spike Lee and Tylor Perry?

That’s a difficult question. Tyler Perry has a serious height advantage but I don’t think he knows how to shoot a basketball. (LOL)

4. Cal Ripken or Derek Jeter?


5. What’s wrong with Hip-Hop?

Lil Wayne.

6. Do you use the other “F” word?

Yes. But, I don’t tweet it like Amar’e Stoudmaire.

7. Are you a member of the Muslim BrotherHood?

No. I am not a member of the Muslim Brotherhood but I am a member of the Michael Vick Fan Club.

8. Who was more destructive Hurricane Debbie or Rielle Hunter?

Rielle Hunter.

9. Are you going to see Mike Tyson’s one man Broadway Show in New York?

No, I don’t wanna see a grown man talking about getting V.D.

10. Are you on President Obama’s Kill List?

No, I am not on President Obama’s Kill List but I did make the B-honor roll.