By Eric D. Graham BASN columnist
Updated: June 15, 2012

1. Andrew Luck or Russell Wilson?

Russell Wilson…..Why? Because, he played at N.C.State.

2. Tebow or Von Miller?

Von Miller

3. Do you use spell check because you have a lot of spelling errors in your cartoons?

No, I don’t use spell check because I know how to spill.

4. Should the Philadelphia Eagles head coach Andy Reid be fired?

No, Andy Reid shouldn’t be fired. Andy Reid just needs to lose some weight.

5. Do you like Barbara Walters?

No, I don’t like Barbara Walters. Plus, I don’t trust her. Because whereever she goes, trouble is bound to follow. Matter of fact, I think Barbara Walters is double Mossad agent.

6. Should the Philadelphia Eagles trade wide receiver Desean Jackson?

No, the Philadelphia Eagles shouldn’t trade wide receiver Desean Jackson. The Philadelphia Eagles need to keep Desean Jackson and pay him the multi-million dollar contract he deserves and sign Terrell Owens for $650,000.

7. Do you think Brett Favre is coming out of retirement to play for the Chicago Bears?

Yes, Brett Favre might come out of retirement and play for the Chicago Bears in order to prevent Aaron Rodgers from being the greatest quarterback in the history of the Green Bay Packers.

8. Are you a member of the Catholic Church?

No, I am not a member of the Catholic Church because the Pope is the Anti-Christ. Besides, what kind of man sits back and let’s children be sexually abused. Even Joe Paterno knows better than that.

9. How could Tim Tebow improve his throwing motion?

Tebow can improve his throwing motion by throwing the ball right handed.

10. Do you want to debate Skip Bayless on ESPN’s 1st Take?

No way, No how….because a wise man never knows all and only a fool knows everything.