By Eric D. Graham BASN columnist
Updated: June 6, 2012

1. Peyton Manning or Rex Grossman?

Robert Griffin

2. Do you think Deion Sanders has a split personality?

Yes. There’s Deion Sanders and there’s PrimeTime. One likes to preach and the other one likes to wear a do-rag and dance. It must be the money.

3. What did you think about Dan Le Batard’s Hitler-Castro comparison?

It was highly questionable

4. Do you like the ex-Cleveland Brown RB Peyton Hellis?

No way. Besides, he might be an CIA agent.

5. Do you believe in Tim Tebow or the Easter Bunny?

No. I believe that Black people are the original people. Plus, we build the pyramids. Now, go tell Tebow that……

6. Should Robert Griffin III cut off his braids?

NO!! But, I wish someone would tell Steven Wonder to cut off his.

7. Are you going to watch the Stanley Cup Playoffs?

Nope, I’ll be in my bathroom, sitting on the toilet, reading some of my uncle’s Jet magazines

8. Are you a problem child?

No, I am a child with problems.

9. Should Metta World Peace change is name back to Ron Artest?

No, Ron Artest should change is name to World War III.

10. What is your favorite sports cartoon?

Live from my toilet by Eric D.Graham on Black Athlete Sports Network.

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