By Eric D.Graham
Updated: June 6, 2012

Still the man

Still the man

NORTH CAROLINA (BASN)—The Big Ticket still has some game left in those long legs.

And even though, he is a little older, Kevin Garnett is still playing like a franchise player.

Matter of fact, the Boston Celtic’s leaping leprechaun has played with so much passion and power that he has overshadowed his hated nemesis Tim Duncan, who along with the San Antonio Spurs, seem to be fainting away in the Oklahoma sunset.

Garnett, to be truthful, seems to be possessed, as he curses uncontrollably as if he has Tourette’s syndrome, while screaming at the top of his lungs.

And even though his pre-game ritual of beating his head against the padding under the goal seems a little strange, it’s effective.

For all of these reasons, I consider K.G. to be the basketball version of the rapper DMX.

Why? Because, he is raw, uncut, and grimy.

In other words, he is unafraid to show his dark personality on the court while getting a “little nasty” as San Antonio’s Gregg Popovich suggested in the process, especially in front of an arena full of arrogant Miami Heat fans decked out in all-white tee-shirts, pretending to be so clean and proper.

He displayed this gutsiness against the Miami Heat in game 4 after taking a hard foul from Udonis Haslem, which left him lying on the floor.

After resting for a second, K.G. suddenly popped up and started doing closed, fist knuckle push-ups which drove the home court crowd crazy.

These push-ups showed Garnett’s desire to win and his toughness

And, this is why we love him.

For instance, in game 5 after scoring a basket, slobber dripped from his mouth, as he screamed at the crowd. But he didn’t even wipe it away.

He simply allowed the drool to dangle from lips.

Why? Because, he was in “breast mode.”

And despite how ugly it looked, he wasn’t ashamed of the incident.

Truthfully, that grimacing look on his contorted face and the inner beast, which converses with him throughout the game, as he trots up and down the court, is the sole reason why Boston is leading this series (3-2).

That double-talking demon in Garnett’s dome, in fact, is the voice of the Boston Celtics.

It fuels the aging Garnett to play aggressive and to play hard the entire game despite the score.

That loud and obnoxious inner voice doing “jumping jacks” inside of his brain is the hidden force that propels him to be a leader of men and the ultimate drill sergeant when it barks out words of encouragement and instructions to his fellow teammates during the NBA playoffs.

In other words, K.G. has been blessed with the spirit of a warrior and the “killer instinct” that can’t be coached.

And despite his paper-thin frame, inside of his chest, pumps the heart of a champion, which is bigger than anybody in the NBA. Why? Because, he gives 100 percent every night.

This is evident by his sweat-trenched uniform after the game. Or by his near exhausted post game interviews, which usually leaves the interviewer trying to dodge the drops of sweat dripping from his bald head and face.

Yes, this 36-year old, dark-skinned Black man, who boldly stands 6 foot 11 inches tall, is simply a baller.

There is no other way to put it.

He is the enforcer and the intimidator on the Boston Celtic team.

And if you ever get into a shoveling match or a staring contest with him, proceed with caution.

Because his menacing black eyes could rip through your flesh and suffocate your soul.

Why? Because, K.G. ain’t no joke.

Besides, there is no punk in him.

He is a man’s man.

He, in fact, is a trash-talking terrorist, who tortures his competitions with an array of profane words that can’t be repeated.

His on-court cursing and chatter has almost become comical. But the Celtic faithful believe his filthy mouth rants have the ability to contaminate the consciousness of his opponents, which leaves them shook up and non-productive throughout the game.

For this reason, he is considered a basketball bully by some NBA analysts, due to his in your face personality. With this fake tough guy persona, however, he is able to affect the outcome of any game by throwing a few unexpected elbows and an occasional illegal screen to free a teammate for a three-pointer.

Unfortunately, all of these on court tactics have other players in the league as well as NBA owners claiming K.G. is the dirtiest player in the league.

But after watching his playoff performance in the Eastern Conference Finals against the favored Miami Heat, Garnett might the Most Valuable Player of the 2012 NBA Playoffs.

Currently in 18 playoff games, Garnett is averaging 19.9 points per game and 10.8 rpg while playing 38 minutes per game.