By Eric D.Graham
Updated: May 24, 2012

1. Do you agree with the philosophy that “What happens in Vegas; stays in Vegas”?

Yes. And, I hope Mike Tyson’s one man show stays in Vegas too.

2. Do you believe in karma?

Yes. Ask, Danny Granger, who is limping on a bad ankle.

3. Would you endorse Weight Watchers like Charles Barkley?

No. Besides, Charles Barkley looks like Larry Holmes “flabby and sick”. Plus, that Taco meat on his chest looks disgusting.

4. Should the Lakers trade Pau Gasol?

No, the Lakers should trade Andrew Bynum, instead of Pau Gasol for Dwight Howard.

5. Did you see the shirt-off competition between Shaq and Charles on TNT?

Yes, I saw this disgusting event. Plus, Shaq’s abs looked better than New Jersey Shore’s “The Situation”

6. Did you see game five of the NBA Eastern Semi-Finals between the Indiana Pacers versus the Miami Heat?

Yes, basketball met hockey in South Beach.

7. Do you like Shaunie O’Neal?

I like Shaunie O’Neal but I am disappointed in her. Because, now, she has become a female pimp of Black female stupidity.

8. Do you like the ex-Cleveland Brown RB Peyton Hellis?

No way. Besides, he might be a CIA agent.

9. Did you see Donovan McNabb’s shirtless beach workout?

Yes. And, I have decided the McNabb should play for the Buffalo Bills.

10. Do you think NFL players should wear knee pads and thigh pads?

Yes. But, I would rather the NFL make players wear underwear. Hint, Dallas Cowboy Dez Bryant.

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