By Eric D. Graham BASN columnist
Updated: May 11, 2012

NORTH CAROLINA (BASN)—1. Are you going to vote for Mitt Romney in 2012?

I am sorry, I can’t vote for Mitt Romney. Besides, he looks like the white groom men on the top of a wedding cake. 

2. Why do most athletes go broke?

Wheels, Weed, and Women.

3. Is Tim Tebow a good quarterback?

No, Tim Tebow is a Football Abomination

4. Were you cheering for Carolina or Kansas in the Elite 8?

Man, I would pull for Germany if they played against UNC.

5. Do you hate Fidel Castro?

No, Fidel Castro came to Harlem.

6. Did you see the Miami Heat versus the OKC Thunder game?

Nope. I was in the bathroom, sitting on the toilet, reading some of my uncle’s Jet magazines.

7. Petrino, Pitino, or Paterno, which is the worst?

Potato….Toe-mato, it really doesn’t matter.

8. Should Duke’s Austin Rivers enter the NBA DRAFT?

No, Duke lost to Leigh in the first round of the NCAA Tournament.

9. Which is pinker, rapper Nicki Manjai’s hair or the pink slim in a hamburger?

Niki Manjai’s hair….

10. Who is the King of New York, Eli or Tebow?

Steve NOVAK…

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