Escalera Wins and MayField Impresses!

By Tom Donelson, BASN boxing writer
Updated: May 22, 2012

IOWA CITY, IOWA (BASN)—Jason Escalera put his undefeated record on line against the boxer Nick Brinson and began the fight stalking. Brinson boxed and jabbed as Escalera simply chased Brinson around the ring. In the middle of the second round, Escalera showed his power as he nailed Brinson with a right hand that changed the tempo of the fight.
Escalera look like he was taking control in the third round as his heavy handed attack appeared to wear Brinson down, whose own punches were having very little effect. After a strong fourth round, Escalera entered in uncharted water as he never been beyond the fourth round against a slick boxer. Brinson boxing skills allowed him to escape throughout the fifth round and Escalera punches started to lose steam in the sixth round. At least those punches appeared to lose their steam until the last thirty seconds when Escalera strength forced Brinson into the corner where he unleashed several combinations.
Escalera trapped Brinson in the seventh round and began with body shots before head shots hurt Brinson. Brinson used his wits and guiles as he used his legs just enough to escape Escalera’s head shots. Escalera had Brinson hurt but he never went to the body after those body shots in the initial blows in the opening seconds of the seventh round. Escalera dominated the round with his power punches but the failure to add body shots allowed Brinson to survive the round.
The final round was Escalera attempting to end the fight with one punch and Brinson finding just enough space to escape the worst of the blows. The fight was scored a draw as compubox numbers showed both fighters landing the same amount of blows. Escalera throw the harder blows but Brinson threw the more accurate punches. This was a close fight but Escalera did two things wrong that cost him a chance to win. He failed to cut off the ring and this allowed Brinson to escape and throw counters. The second thing was failing to jab his way in and hit the body often and early in the opening rounds. Instead, he walked out of the ring with a draw. He is still undefeated but Brinson gave him a lesson on how to box and use the ring.
Undefeated Raymond Serrano faced undefeated Karim Mayfield in a main event. Mayfield started the fight by winging punches and at the minute and half mark, Serrano nailed the wild Mayfield with right hand perfectly timed. Mayfield was the smaller fighter with the quicker hands but Serrano the more technical skilled but Mayfield proved both elusive and awkward.
Mayfield right hand knocked Serrano down in the opening minutes of the third round and a Mayfield jab followed up with two rights nearly sent Serrano down a second time but Serrano survived those barrages. Mayfield and Serrano twice got tangled up before Serrano slipped to the ground. Mayfield heavy barrages wore Serrano out as he looked exhausted from throwing so many power punches at the end of the third round.
At the end of the fourth round, Mayfield nailed Serrano with a right that sent Serrano down one second before the bell rang. Serrano looked shaky but the referee allowed Serrano to have his one minute rest but chaos ensued in Serrano’s corner as some in the corner wanted the fight stop and Serrano’s father wanted the fight to continue. Serrano came out wobbling and one more Mayfield attack sent Serrano reeling into the corner. Referee stopped the fight after Serrano ate two more right hands and was no longer able to defend himself. Mayfield had his opponent in trouble and he did not let him go. This was an impressive victory for Mayfield and a learning experience for Serrano as he suffered is first loss.