“Enough Of The Games”

By By Travis H. Singleton, BASN sports writer
Updated: May 23, 2012

Branding the Sixer's

Branding the Sixer's

BOSTON, MA. (BASN)–Enough of the games was the perfect title to this article because, the Celtics need to stop playing around with the Philadelphia 76ers and close this series out. In my opinion the Celtics could of swept the Sixers 4-0 if they didn’t get caught playing to their opponents playing style. KG has been a huge part to why the Celtics are having success in this series averaging 20 points a game this series and 10.6 rebounds. Kevin Garnett said “I’d die out here if I had too” that attitude right there and him willing to give his all is exactly what the Celtics need to make it out of this series.

But last night in the Celtics 101-85 blow out over the Sixers the unsung hero and the most consistent Celtic to me this whole season Brandon Bass finally stepped up and stepped out with a career game. Brandon Bass played the way Danny Ainge and the Celtics imagined that he could and would play and that was dominate. If Bass can chip in like he did last night all the time then I could see the Celtics making it very far during the playoff’s.

Brandon Bass scored anytime he wanted and with a great point guard like Rajon Rondo he can make it look very easy for any big man in the league. Bass had 27 points in the win against Philly last night he dunked,got to the line and was aggressive on defense. Bass did his part but the game all changed once Rondo took over in the 4th quarter. Rondo took his game to another level and it seems to me that Rondo likes to turn it on when he wants too because, when Rondo is on he is on and doesn’t turn off.

Rondo’s 7 points in the fourth quarter had given the Celtics some breathing room to extend the lead to 19 as the Celtics kept their foot on the gas. Rondo finished with 13 points and 14 assists and one of his assists he actually made from the floor which was very impressive to Greg Stiemsma.

If the Celtics are going to end this series on Wednesday they are going to have to first GRABBBBB REBOUNDSSSS. It starts there because, if your allowing your opponent 2nd chance baskets thats not going to work either. The Celtics have to make sure that their bigs get on the boards and stop the bigs on Philly to control the paint. The Celtics also have to make sure they stop the transition points from the Sixers and they have to force them into a half court set so that they can set up their defense. If the Celtics can set up the defense and take Holiday,Iguodala and Turner out the game and try to force Lou Williams to shoot a million shots. The Celtics will need Paul Pierce to step up big time in this close out game on Wednesday and they will need KG to play vintage KG because, Bass won’t dominate like that every game.