Bob Arum doesn’t want to lose his pay check

By Tom Donelson, BASN boxing writer
Updated: May 10, 2012
Will it ever happen...ask Bob Arum.

Will it ever happen...ask Bob Arum.

IOWA CITY, IOWA (BASN)—Ted Atlas made an interesting point, the only obstacle between Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather may be Bob Arum, a point that Mayweather discussed in the post-fight interviews. Atlas theory is that Arum is afraid that if the PACMAN loses to Mayweather, he loses his golden goose. Right now, Pacquaio can make 20 million dollar per fight, regardless of who he fights.
As for Mayweather, he promotes himself and has no need for a major promoter to tell him who to fight and who not to fight and put his own destiny in his hand. At 35, he is ready for that one big payday with a fighter whose style he feels comfortable in beating. Pacquaio is not his own man when it comes to negotiating fights unlike Mayweather. Which brings us to the issue itself, is Arum really the main obstacle?
The problem with the Arum strategy is that both fighters are slowly slipping past their prime and the longer you wait, the more chances you have either fighter losing. Just as importantly, you have two fighters who may find themselves on the downside of their career before the fight actually happens. Mayweather understands and hopefully Pacquaio does as well, this fight will produce the biggest purse in boxing history. There is enough money for both fighters to simply say, “Good bye and I will enjoy the rest of my life.” For Pacquaio, that means being a politician in his native Phillipines and for Mayweather, it could mean being the next Don King or Bob Arum when it comes to being a boxing promoter. There is no reason why this fight needs to be delayed after the PACMAN beats Tim Bradley and Mayweather finishes his short stint in the lock up.
Shane Mosley has been one of the boxing good guy over the years and have enough big win to earn Hall of Fame recognition but since his victory over Margarita, Mosley has been but a shadow of himself. In his recent fight with Alvarez, he showed that he can’t outrun Father Time and there is no reverting back to being an elite fighter. He is simply an old fighter who is hanging on and now he has become that final step for young fighters to add to their resumes before moving to the next step. When a fighter starts the long slide to being an opponent, it is time to say goodbye. Mosley has given boxing fans thrill over the years but now he is risking permanent damage long term the longer he stays active. He has nothing left to prove and much to lose health wise; good byes are hard for athletes to do, but the time has come for Mosley to realize that he lost to a fighter that four or five years ago he would have given a boxing lesson to.
Miguel Cotto showed that he is very good fighter but this was a fight between a very good fighter up against a Hall of Fame fighter.

Cotto fought well and had a good fight plan. He made the fight competitive but Mayweather, even on a bad day, showed why he might be the best pound for pound fighter.