By Eric D.Graham
Updated: May 2, 2012

NORTH CAROLINA (BASN)—The NFL draft is a night of celebration in most Black households.

Most of us proudly watch this event religiously, as if the players being drafted were our brothers, our cousins or our sons.

This event, in fact, brings us together as one collective family as if it was the Million Man March.

Because, it really doesn’t matter, whether you are a Denver Broncos fan, an Alabama Alumni, or a high school dropout.

Because, on this night, we applaud all of our children.

We praise them.

We celebrate them.

We marvel over them.

We compliment them.

We smile and thousand smiles when we see them with their diamond clustered earrings, their African braids and their tailor-made suits standing on the stage hugging NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell.

Why? Because, tonight, is the night, when “mama and them” get to dress up in their Sunday’s best and get their “hair did,” not done, in order to be on television.

Plus, we love seeing all of those beautiful Black families gathered in the green room at Radio City Music Hall like it’s one big Black Family Reunion, acting “all dignified and stuff,” in order to support their children.

And when their children’s names are finally called, all of the emotions, all of the hardships, all of the pain, all of the prayers are released into the atmosphere.

As a result, many of us, just stare into outer space, shaking our heads in disbelief. While others, simply scream with excitement as tears of joy fall from their eyes.

Besides, we love the sight of Black families taking pictures of one another, especially with those cheap disposable cameras from Wal-mart .

Why? Because,we love the vain view of Black athletes pretending to be “so important” with their cell phones glued to their ears.

We adore the scene of powerful Black athletes tenderly kissing their girlfriends, gently cradling their babies in their huge arms, and hugging their mothers with love and affection.

Plus, we treasure the backdrops of proud Black fathers staring at their sons with pride and honor.

It’s truly, a moment to be remembered.

Time, in fact, seems to stand still during the draft.

Therefore, we try to cherish it as long as possible.

We embrace it.

We hug it.

We high-five it.

And then, we begin the walk.

The stride.

The pimp.

The step.

That finalizes our journey to become a NFL player.

But despite all of the celebration, plus all of the money, that the NFL draft can possibly bring us, we never forget to thank the Lord.


Now, that’s what make Grandmas truly proud!