Woodson and Melo Lead Knicks to Playoffs

By Jerald Levon Hoover BASN Staff Writer
Updated: April 22, 2012

The Mike and Melo show is ready to roll

The Mike and Melo show is ready to roll

NEW YORK, NY (BASN) – The Knicks made it to the NBA Playoffs for second year in a row (last year they ran into the Boston Celtics and were swept). In a year that was more roller-coaster than see-saw, the Knicks can culminate things in a big way in this second season. In this season boys become men and weak men shrink. Some stars become superstars and some so-called stars become punch-lines and afterthoughts (for the rest of their careers in some cases).

For the Knicks’ regular season had a lot of twists and turns, from Carmelo Anthony’s team, Amar’e Stoudemire’s team and then came Jeremy Lin and Linsanity took on another life that spanned practically the entire globe. Then it was again Coach Mike D’Antoni’s team then it was Mike Woodson’s team.

Lin however came along at a time that was ripe for the picking for a variety of reasons. Former coach D’Antoni’s job was said to be on the rocks. And although he ended up quitting some time thereafter, Lin’s explosion saved his job as he was rumored to have been canned had he lost to the New Jersey Nets on that unforgettable night.

It sure didn’t feel like 60 some odd games for this Knicks team with all that has gone down. With the clinching a Playoff berth and with (at press time) a record of 33-30 it was a long ways away from 8-15 for this team. Some may wonder if Woodson had this very team at the beginning of the season what their record might have been. Surely no lower than a third seed some estimate. The Knicks (at press time) are 15-6 under Woodson who is a nice man but no nonsense (Bobby Knight disciple) type of coach. He demands defense and rebounding, respect for the game and accountability. He’s flexible and stable in his approach.

There’s a buzz in the air for this Knicks team. And although Lin is out with a torn meniscus in his left knee people are still adorning his number 17 jersey. In fact if you go anywhere the Knicks (who are currently the seventh seed) are playing, especially Madison Square Garden you’d see are a sea of the number 7 (Carmelo’s) and Lin’s jersey being worn. Stoudemire although his style of play and results were All-pro like, not to mention him giving the boys from Gotham respectability and relevance.

The Knicks will have a ways to go before becoming true championship contenders, but they’re certainly on the right road.

KNICKS KNOTES: Coach Woodson continues to say and coach like he’s not particularly worried about his job. Either or, he’s done nothing to hurt himself from getting another head coaching gig if the Knicks think of going in another direction. Melo has been on fire over the last 13 games averaging over 30 points per game.